10 Printable DIY Valentines’

diy valentines

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and this year will look, well probably a bit different than the last. But change can be good, right?

Whether your kids are learning online this year or back in school, there is still some fun to be had with Valentine’s. Some may share with their friends at school, while others can pass around the love in your neighborhood.

A few years ago I started playing around and making unique DIY Valentines. When boys were in preschool, we were asked to bring candy-free valentines, due to nut allergies. So, I got out the computer and started getting creative. It became something I looked forward to. So now the boys and I have fun being creative each year….and we’re sharing some of our fun designs with you!

If you are the type of person that loves to DIY their Valentines, this is right up your alley. If you love to make a Target run last minute to buy a box of cards, well, we salute you! But if you feel like trying something new this year, we have FREE DIY Valentine’s that you can print right in the comfort of your won home, listed below for you to try.

If your children are still learning at home, you can print these out and have your children address them for the students in their class to drop off on their porch. And if they are back in school, this is an easy and cheap way to to get the job done!

If you are going to try your hand at the DIY Valentine this year, you won’t need much in the materials department. Before you get started be sure you have card stock, self-sealing cellophane treat bags, glue dots, washi tape, and a crafting knife.

Take a peek and print out your favorite FREE DIY Valentines below.

Stuck on you Valentine

After you print and cute you valentine’s to size, use your crafting knife to cut a small slit into the belly of the porcupine, then pull a few of the rubber spikes of the porcupine balls through the card to hold the ball in place.

diy valentines'

You A-Maze Me!

Wrap this bad boy up with a mini maze in a cellophane bag and your’re good to go.

diy valentines'

You are Magical DIY Valentines’!

Who doesn’t love unicorns. You can make this candy-free by sliding in glow sticks or pencil or you can have some fun by giving kids rainbow twisty pops.

diy valentines'

I Need S’More Friends Like You

Grab all the goodies you need to make a good ‘ol s’more and wrap it together in a cellophane bag. Simple, but cute and fun!

diy valentines'

You Make Me Smile

All you need for this guy is some glue dots and individually wrapped chocolate hearts.

You Are DinoMite DIY Valentines

Some cheap plastic animals and some Washi tape will have you winning the parent of the year award!

You Are The “X” to My “O” Valentine

You can use anything to create game pieces for this tic-tac-toe game. I found “xoxo” cookies.

I Am Wild About You

Bugs and Kisses

Gummy bugs or plastic ones are equally as fun to wrap up with this bugs and kisses jar.

You Blow Me Away

Party favor bubbles are a fun way to bring life to this valentine. These bubble tubes stick great with washi tape!

diy valentines'

Are your kids allowed to do Valentine’s this year in class? Are you still doing virtual learning or back in school? Either way, Valentines Day is a fun and easy way to bring some joy to your kids, whether they can give valentines to their friends at school or spread some love and joy around your neighborhood.

I would love to see your creative creations this February! Show me pictures of your DIY valentines in the comments below!