Twin Pregnancy

25 Unique Twin Pregnancy Announcements

Pregnancy announcements and gender reveals have gained quite a bit of popularity over the years, especially twin pregnancy announcements! To all those families just learning that they are pregnant with twins, we know you might be scouring the internet, searching for creative ways to announce that you are expecting TWO babies!

Whether you are super excited, nervous, shocked or all of the above…you will probably find a few fun ways to share the news with friends & family…or even the world. And don’t worry, even if you are totally unsure about your future as a parent of two, you’ve come to the right place. We are a community of twin parents all looking for little support and camaraderie. We’ve got your back. So start with this post, find a fun way to make your twin pregnancy announcement and then head on over and grab a copy of our book to get yourself totally prepared for the wild (yet amazing) ride that is twin parenting.

twin pregnancy announcements

When we heard the news that we were pregnant with twins, we never made an overly creative twin pregnancy announcement. Over the years, tt’s been fun seeing how people like to share their news with the world!

25 Unique Twin Pregnancy Announcements:

Including your fur babies is always a great way to share the news that your family is growing. We found this cute picture on Pinterest.

Thanks to Etsy, you can customize onesies to make your announcement to the world.

This is just too good! Thanks, Mother Hubbard Photography for the great laugh and clever idea!

This photoshoot is beautiful from A Slice o’ Pie This is one of our favorite twin pregnancy announcements.

We spit out our coffee laughing at this announcement! So creative and cute thanks to Devonhise Photography!

Such a sweet twin announcement from Twin Love Concierge! This would be cute around Easter if the timing worked out.

When the math makes ya have to think for a second…it’s twins! Great photo Bright Start Kids.

Jordan at Picklee had a cute idea with shoes. The mini Sperry’s are adorable!

Balloons are always a great way to celebrate something, especially because they add so much to the photos. We love the idea of spelling out “twins” with the existing members of your family. We found this picture on Pinterest and are looking for its original owner. Let us know if is you…we’d love to give you credit!

This is so creative and hilarious. Well done Pearl!

Holidays are a great time to share the news that you are expecting. We love this cute Valentine’s announcement from Caroline Carrell.

Speaking of Holidays, this is a cute Christmas themed twin pregnancy announcement from Laura Elyse Photography.

This is hilarious! Thanks, Dads Guide to Twins for sharing this couple’s hilarious announcement.

This is a unique way to share the news! Love this graffiti announcement from The Bump.

LOVE this adorable shot from Livejoy Photography!

The balloons make a great twin pregnancy announcement again. Love this photo from Moda Prints to share the great news!

Well isn’t that the truth! We giggled to ourselves when we saw this cute idea on @dotboxed Instagram page.

The look on this kids face is priceless, and this poem is adorable. Love this twin pregnancy announcement featured on Twiniversity.

We just can’t get enough of the looks older siblings have when they are part of the twin pregnancy announcement photos!

This one was way too good not to share, and easy to make a twin pregnancy announcement.

As infertility survivors ourselves, we can relate to this twin pregnancy announcement from Kari at Fashionable Foods.

The pets get us every time. Another cute announcement with some fur babies from Signing Steph!

Like we’ve said before, balloons help make great pregnancy announcement photos, but this is one of a kind!

Another creative idea that you can easily turn into a twin pregnancy announcement.

Help us grow this twin pregnancy announcement library to inspire future twin parents that want to make their announcement to the world in style!

Share pictures of your twin pregnancy announcements in the comments below or use the hashtag #announcingourtwocametrue and well share your announcements on our Instagram!