Preparing for Twins

3 Essentials A New Twin Mom CAN’T Live Without

The the day in the life of a new twin mom includes….

E A T          S L E E P          POOP          REPEAT

Alright people, we have thought long and hard about the top 3 essentials are must haves for new twin moms because we know how challenging it is to prepare to welcome 2 babies into the world.  There are gadgets galore out there for new parents, so much so, that shopping for your new babies can become overwhelming and you can easily end up with your living room drowning in baby gear.   Babies grow out of things so quickly, so it really made sense to invest our money in things that were essential to our everyday life with newborns.

When we look back at the things we used every day during those newborn months, there are 3 items that immediately jumped into our heads.

Here are top 3 things a new twin mom will use EVERY SINGLE DAY!

TWIN Z Pillow:

We have said it before and will say it again, this pillow comes in handy when you are pregnant to use as a sleeping pillow, helps you support two babies while nursing them at the same time, or bottle feeding two babies.  This amazing contraption is also a safe space to lay your babies down when you need a moment to breathe.  As your babies grow and are learning to sit, the Twin A pillow can support their wobbly little bodies so they don’t fall over and hit the floor.  Did we mention this thing is easy to clean? 

The DOHM White Noise Machine:

We have used this since our boys came home from the hospital and now we each have them in our own bedrooms. HA! This white noise machine isn’t overwhelmingly loud and it’s perfect for helping infants sleep. White noise not only replicates the sounds from a mother’s womb, but it also helps them smoothly transition between sleep cycles.  Want to read more on infant sleep? Check out  posts about sleep here.


This sounds do simple and obvious, yet such an expense for new parents, especially those who just welcomed two babies! We were given tons of diapers at our baby showers of various sizes and brands.  This was helpful not only because were we unsure about what brand would work for our babies, but we also knew they would outgrow sizes quickly!

Let us fill you in on our money saving tip! Keep the boxes unopened until you need them. This way, when your babies outgrow a size, take the unused boxes back to the store and exchange it for the next size that you need. Our favorite stores to exchange at are Target and Babies-R-Us because they are great about returning unopened boxes of diapers gifted at showers that don’t necessarily come with receipts.

These were the 3 essential items that that we truly couldn’t live without.  Looking back on it now there are so much baby gear that we’d rethink, but these are tried and true must haves in our book!

What are some of your must haves? Let us know in the comments below.