4 “Me Time” Secrets Every Twin Mom Should Know


Cracked heels.

A pair of running shoes in need of some miles!

What do these things have in common mamas?

Well, they are all things that require some much needed attention and will allow me to get me time.  Gasp…I know, it sounds crazy, but  sometimes a mama just needs to make the time to meet her own needs.

Looking in the mirror this morning I realized I resembled a sibling of Freida Pinto.  I know big eyebrows are in right now…but sisters, these girls need to be tamed.  Luckily the calendar alert on my phone reminded me of my appointment on Monday!  Yes…it is coming!

You see, if it’s not on the calendar anymore, I find it hard to make time for ME!

As a mom, my days are filled with activities, making meals, laundry and meeting every waking need of my family. It is a wonderful job that doesn’t come with a lot of uninterrupted time!

I have come to realize, that if I don’t make me time, no one will get the best version of me as a mom, wife, family member and friend.

It’s easy as a mom to put EVERYONE else’s needs before my own.  Have the kids been fed?  Did I pack snacks?  Is there enough food in the fridge?  

All the while…a voice somewhere in my head is screaming, “What about me?  Have I eaten today?  Did I brush my teeth?”  

Taking care of myself is beginning to gain traction on my priority list at a rapid speed.  Placing myself as a high priority is still a work in progress; I really do have to focus on putting my own needs right up there at the top with the needs of my children and family.

Here are my Me Time Secrets:

  1. Make a date of it:  Build time for yourself into your calendar and WRITE IT DOWN.  If you are anything like me, meaning if it’s not on the calendar you can’t remember if you are coming or going, writing time for yourself into your calendar will ensure that you actually get the time you want and need.
  1. Change Your Perspective: The things that we once viewed as basic maintenance: haircuts, waxing appointments or even an exercise class at night, are now perfect opportunities for a little me time.  Every kid-free moment is precious even if it seems mundane.  Looking at your time a little differently will help you enjoy even the shortest trip to the Post Office by yourself!
  1.  Make a Me Time bucket list:  Any amount of time time that you can disconnect and recharge, even if it’s short, counts as time for yourself.  Make a list of easy and creative ways you can use to get just a few minutes to yourself a few times a day. These are a few of my favorites:
  • Read a magazine for the first 10 minutes of naptime.
  • Put on headphones, blast music and do 100 squats, 100 bench dips and 50 push-ups while the kids play around me.
  • FaceTime my best friend while I chop dinner ingredients, all while the kids play in the living room.
  1. Utilize Naptime Efficiently:  It may take some practice, but every minute of naptime doesn’t need to be spent working, doing laundry or putting your house back into order.  Make a pact with yourself to spend the first third of every nap doing something for you…then get back to work tackling your to do list with the time you have left. You’ll feel so much more refreshed!

It’s a hard shift to make, but teach yourself that it is OK to leave some things undone!

I am learning that putting a little extra effort into myself each day has BIG results.  The simplest things like going on a walk alone, having a dance party (wearing headphones) while cooking dinner, scheduling that much needed bikini wax or having a wine night with the girls, help me to feel refreshed and recharged, making me the best that I can be!

When I get a haircut or exercise, I feel better about myself.  Which, in turn, changes my attitude towards my kids and husband. My self-confidence gets a makeover…making all things happier around our house.

I am not going to lie, some weeks I neglect myself.  And then I remember how much better I feel when I do find an hour to run errands without kids, get my nails done and snag a coffee without going through a drive-through.  We all have to work on burying our guilt and prioritizing me time everyday.  While it may be a work in progress mama, finding little things to do to take care of yourself will truly make a BIG difference in the long run!

What fills your cup and makes you feel better about yourself?  How do you squeeze time for yourself into everyday?

Share with us in the comments below.