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4 Stress Free Ways for Feeding Twins On-the-Go

Venturing out and about alone with twins can be intimidating. These 4 tips will help take the stress out of feeding twins in public.Hands down, one of the most overwhelming parts of being a twin mom is attempting to venture out and about with your twins ALL ALONE!

The planning, preparing, and packing everything you will need is a day long project in itself.

The first time you attempt to get out alone will probably be when your twins are infants. Nursing or bottle feeding twins in public has its unique challenges.

That’s a topic for a post all in itself!

But getting organized and ready to feed two wiggly toddlers on the go is a whole different beast.  It is not an impossible task with some planning.

Feeding twins while you’re out and about doesn’t have to been intimidating, which is precisely why we are sharing a few tips and the products we LOVE to help organize and simplify the project of getting your twins to eat on-the-go.

4 Simple tips for feeding twins on-the-go without all the stress —

1. Be prepared and organized —

Plan, plan, plan!

The first time I braved a playdate with my twins (after they began eating solids) was a trip to the zoo.  Long story short, it was not my finest mommy moment.

But I quickly learned that feeding twins solid food while we are out and about required a different level of preparation than what I had gotten used to.  It was no longer as simple as tossing a few bottles into the bag.

Before you start packing  up, spend a little time planning out all the food that you will need for your entire outing.  Making a plan will help you to be sure that you have a variety of healthy food options for your twins.

Make sure you have snacks, a meal, extra snacks AND food for yourself.  Let me tell you from experience, don’t just start throwing stuff into the cooler.

Don’t forget water bottles and sippy cups of milk!

We will share some of our favorite products a little later in this post to help you organize and pack up your picnic.

2. Pack a variety of options–

It’s not a surprise that toddlers are unpredictable. Packing a wide variety of food options for your twins to choose from will help to ensure that they actually eat AND helps you avoid those dreaded toddler meltdowns.

3. Bring things that you know your twins LOVE–

My twins aren’t the best eaters when we are out and about because they are usually distracted by their excitement to be out and exploring the world.

I quickly learned that they eat the best when I pack lunches that they love. Feeding twins in public isn’t the time to get them to try something new.

4. Strap ‘Em In–

The last thing curious little ones want to do is sit down to eat.  They would much rather explore the world around them.

If you are somewhere with highchairs, use them!  If highchairs aren’t available, I often feed my twins on the snack tray of our BOB stroller (affiliate links), again where I can keep them contained and focused on eating.

5. Be a model —

Parenting is all about modeling for your children the behavior you want them to exhibit.  Pack food for yourself and eat with your twins while you are out in public.

Eating together and having conversations about your adventures only adds value to your experiences.

8 AWESOME Products to Organize Food On-the-GO —

1. Name Bubbles

If you don’t want to contribute all of your child’s belongings to the abyss of the lost-and-found, consider labeling 1633B_9 2EVERYTHING.

Name Bubbles are awesome personalized sticker labels that are laundry and dishwasher safe.  These labels truly stick to the surface they are applied to; they DO NOT come off!

They offer value packs, which give you a variety of labels to use on clothing, shoes, backpacks, and washable lunch containers.

I have used these labels since the boys were babies, labeling lovies, shoes, water bottles, binkies, etc.

It was convenient for others who were helping us care for the boys to know what belonged to each baby.

These are a twin mama MUST!  Name Bubbles are a perfect resource for labeling your kids from head to toe as they head back to school.

2. Skip Hop Lunch Boxes (affiliate link)-

These insulated lunch bags are AWESOME!

They are durable and clean easily in the washing machine.

We have used ours for 2 years and they still look brand new.  There are a ton of adorable zoo animals to choose from to perfectly compliment your child’s personality!

51eQoXySaQL._AA160_ 2

3. Nature’s Little Squeeze Resuable Food Pouches  (affiliate link)–

81GlzoDF4WL._SX522_Feeding your twins pureed baby food in public can be messy.  These reusable food pouches cuts down on the mess and allows you to conveniently pack homemade baby food.

They are great as your twins get older as well.  I typically fill them with yogurt or applesauce and toss them in my bag on the way out the door.

4. Lunchskins Sandwich and Snack Bags (affiliate link)–

Packing lunches for two kids can mean many trips to Costco for a large supply of Ziploc bags and sandwich containers.

These reusable sandwich and snack bags come in bright, fun patterns and will be a little easier on the pocket book AND the environment. 10064893gLunchskinsSandwichBag_600 2

5. Thermos Vacuum Insulated Food Jars (affiliate link)–

Coming up with creative lunches that your kids will actually eat can be tough.61dcKGY5thL._SY679_

Kids get bored with sandwiches quickly.

The Thermos food jars have helped me to expand the world of lunch planning.  I fill the jars with boiling water in the morning and let it sit on the counter while I make breakfast.

When we are about ready to walk out the door, I heat up that day’s lunch, pour out the boiling water, and transfer the warm food into the jar.

Presto magic…hot lunch!

Macaroni and cheese with peas, chicken nuggets, spaghetti, or leftovers from dinner are some of my kids favorite lunches.

6.  Sassy On-the-Go Feeding set  (affiliate link)–

These adorable feeding sets are great for packing in the diaper bag for 30126_on-the-go-feeding-setdaytime outings.

These sets come with 3 different sized containers, lids for each size, and a matching spoon.

The smaller containers fit nicely inside the large container, keeping things compact and easy to pack inside lunch boxes, purses, or bags.  The lids snap tightly to keep food from spilling and making a mess on the go.

7. Bumpkin Waterproof Sleeved Bib (affiliate link) —

Keep your twins clean and presentable with the long sleeve bib!


8. Bumpkin Baby Wet Bag (affiliate link)–

71tHHpk2j-L._SX522_Inevitably I walk out the door forgetting something, so I learned to keep as much as I can always packed in the diaper bag.

I use these wet bags to carry a supply of extra (non-perishable) snacks in my bag at all times.

So you are ready to venture out on your on with your twins and easily feed them in public?  Just remember, the key to successfully feeding your twins on-the-go is being prepared and organized.

Having your stuff together before you walk out the door means you won’t be feeling stressed, anxious and overwhelmed.

…which means darlin’ that you are rocking it as a CONFIDENT mom of twins!

We would love for you to let us know how it goes.  Share your success stories with us in the comments below!

xoxo, Jenn

**This post includes affiliate links for your convenience.  If you love any of the products we are sharing here to help you easily feed your twins on the go, simply click on the highlighted link to purchase!  We ONLY tell you about products we have used with our TWINS and love them because they WORK.