Preparing for Twins

4 Surefire Ways to Quickly Calm Crying Twins

quickly calm crying twins

How to calm crying twins… to calm crying twins

The thought ignites sheer panic.

And a strong desire to allow your mother-in-law to live in your basement.

You’ve spent months, maybe even years preparing and waiting for your TWO bundles of joy.

But amidst all of the excitement, there is a nagging fear that lays dormant until you’re in the throes of raising infant twins.

Are you wondering what it is that would posses  you to ever let ANYONE live in your basement?

Well mama, how to calm crying twins when you’re all alone AND outnumbered causes anxiety for every new twin mom.

Imagine this….

Calm…peaceful silence!

For two seconds at least, interrupted by…



Double whaaaaaaaa

Oh geez!  Your babies are getting each other worked up!  And now you’ve got your hands doubly full with two hysterical babes.


Can someone please drop Mary Poppins off on my front doorstep?

Have you ever felt like this as twin mom?  Yup…us too!  It happens.  

Babies cry. Sometime a lot!  It’s a fact of life.  

With multiples in your house, the crying may seem endless.  They may cry one after the other or at the same time, which can be frustrating for parents and make it difficult to cope.

When your kiddos get each other worked up and both are suddenly hysterical, the world can feel like it’s caving in!  

how to calm crying twins

Like us, you may feel overwhelmed.  And unless you are fortunate enough to have full time help or family living in your basement, you have to be able to calm crying twins by yourself.  

Trust us, we have both felt that way…and still do on occasion.  While managing the needs of two babies at the same time seemed impossible for us at one point, we managed, got through it, and can fondly look back on those days with some serious pride.  

It isn’t a consolation now, but try to keep in mind, somehow, that raising twins is hard work and it does get easier with each passing day.  You adapt and they grow.

When you are feeling overwhelmed and trying to calm crying twins, try one of these tricks…heck something’s gotta work, right?


When you are alone….and both babies are crying, take a moment to remind yourself that they are trying to communicate with you.  Staying calm while you work to solve the problem and comfort your babies will minimize your frustration.  What if you sing a song in your head or think about one of your favorite dates with your partner?  These mental distractions will help take you to another place, again keeping your frustration levels at bay.


Babies cry for a reason, it is a signal of distress, letting you know that they need something.  Run down this check list and see if you can figure out what they are trying to tell you.  Are they over-stimulated? Too hot, cold? Hungry? Wet or dirty? Maybe their clothes are uncomfortable? Bored or in need of some soothing? Sick? Tired?  

Two things that were a saving grace for both of us during the infant stage were gas drops and Gripe Water…..have them on hand, just in case!

Two screaming babies can feel chaotic and stressful.  They both need you, often at the same time!

REMEMBER THE 5 S’s (the key to calming crying babies):

Babies like to SUCK, SWAY, lay on thankfulformytwocametrue-1their SIDE, be SHUSHED, or be SWADDLED.  Depending on how big your kiddos are…you might not be able to hold both at once.  THAT’S OK!  Seriously, work with one child the best that you can, lay them down in a safe place (like the crib) and work with the other child.  They are both getting love and you are simply doing your best.  Give yourself a little “street cred”, you are settling two hysterical babies at once. You go girl!


Changing your environment is one of most surprising ways to soothe crying babies.  If both of your babies are crying and you are having difficulties soothing them, go to a different room, find a bright space with lots of natural light, open a window, move away from electronics, turn on soothing music, or if it is warm enough, go outside.

Feeling overwhelmed or frustrated is TOTALLY NORMAL!!!  Everyone’s safety and well-being (including yours) is crucial.  So…..if you can’t seem to stop the crying and are beginning to feel helpless, know that it is okay to give them a binkie, put them in a safe place and take a minute to breathe.  

Walk outside, make coffee, or do anything that will help you gather yourself and get back to it.  It is ok to throw in the towel for a minute.  Always remember to take care of yourself.  When you can get an extra set of hands, go out to grab a cup of coffee, read a magazine, take a bubble bath or drink a glass of wine in the shower.  Be creative….just make some time for yourself each day.  

It is ok to feel like everything is a little chaotic and less than perfect.  Everything great takes time, you will learn who you are as a mom in a jiffy!  Give yourself a little grace and forgiveness….take a nap instead of doing laundry and, seriously, no one cares if you haven’t showered since Tuesday!

So mamas, let’s help out those twin mamas to be!  Do you have any magical tips for calming your crying twins?

Share with each other in the comments below.  We can’t wait to learn from you.

all-our-love, jenn-and-Meghan-from-two-came-true