5 Reasons Why A New Mom Can’t Live Without The Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play

This is not a sponsored post, we are not being paid to endorse the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play.  We simply LOVE the product, had amazing experiences with it and our twins.  We want you to hear us shouting from the rooftops about this product that you MUST HAVE on your registry.

Babies come with lots of stuff.Why a new mom can't live without the Fisher Price Rock n' Play

Two babies equals lots and lots of stuff!

When we were getting ready to welcome our twins into the world, I stressed about what to buy two of, what baby garb I didn’t need and what AWESOME baby items I HAD TO HAVE.

The Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play is one of those items that you just can’t live without, and with twins or multiples, you must have ONE FOR EACH BABY!

Really, you can never have too many.

5 Reasons Why You Cannot Live Without the Fisher Price Rock n’ Play:

1. Think like a minimalist:

One of my biggest worries about welcoming twins into our family was feeling inundated with baby gear. I didn’t want every corner of my house to be filled with swings, rockers and pack n’ plays.

After surveying every twin mama that I knew (which was honestly a total of four women) we decided to create a registry that included the most basic necessities for our babies.

The Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play was at the top of our list.

We didn’t even include swings or other “soothing devices”.

We figured that if we ended up needing those bulkier items, we could easily run to the store to stock up.

In the end, we didn’t use anything but the Rock ‘n Play!

Twin mama PSA: You really don’t need a bunch of extra baby gear when you are expecting multiple babies. My rule of thumb, buy two of the items that your babies will use simultaneously, cribs, car seats or feeding chairs (ex. bumbos, high chairs or clip-on chairs). Play mats, exersaucers and bouncers can be used on a rotation basis!

2. Functionality couldn’t be better:

The Fisher Price Rock ‘ Play is lightweight, compact and super easy to clean.

Originally, we had two Rock ‘n Plays that we would move up and down the stairs to use in our bedroom, living room and kitchen.  We eventually bought two more merely for convenience, but before that, I was able to fold up both Rock ‘n Plays, hang them on my elbows and carry BOTH babies down the stairs.

Yes, you read that correctly, I could carry both Rock ‘n Plays AND both babies at the same time because they are that lightweight and compact.

I also loved that I could fold them up, and slide them under our bed or couch for easy storage.

3. Because you need sleep:

When I brought our babies home from the hospital, I quickly realized that my expectations about infant sleep were completely off base.

I mean, wouldn’t putting on some pajamas, wrapping the boys in swaddles and setting them in their own cribs make them instantly fall fast asleep?

After a few rough nights we realized that putting our tiny, sensitive babies in their huge cribs wasn’t going to work for us. Fortunately, we were given a few Rock ‘n Plays for a baby shower gift, so we pulled those lovely little things out and put the twins next to our bed.

I won’t lie to you and say that they were “sleeping like babies”, but our nights drastically improved.

Here’s the thing, newborns have spent the first part of their lives in a warm, tight space and are most comfortable when you can mimic that for them. The Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play helps to keep your baby cozy and snug much like the uterus, which is quite the opposite of the vast space of a crib.

Fisher Price has made several models of the Rock ‘n Play to include vibration (purchase here) and an auto-rocker (purchase here) to make soothing your baby a simple task. I just caution you to be aware of sleep associations that can become troubling habits and cause you sleep challenges down the road.

4. Stop the suffering (because reflux sucks):

News flash mama…..many babies suffer from reflux.

This was something that was never on my radar until I brought home a baby with a severe case of acid reflux. Our little love was projectile vomiting during each each feeding and was constantly fussy due to a very uncomfortable belly.

Thanks to the support of a postpartum doula, my favorite baby-whisperer in the world (more on her later), I quickly learned how to manage the reflux and help make him comfortable.

Laying reflux babies down at an incline is one such tip! The Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play allows your baby to safely (did I mention the 3-point buckle) sleep in a more upright position.

I could lay our little spitty baby down after feeding and rest easy knowing that if he spit up in his sleep he wouldn’t choke.

5. From your bedside to the crib:

After a few months of adjusting to parenthood and learning how to manage nights, we decided it was time to transition our twins into their own room.

We slowly eased into this transition with the Rock n’ Plays. Rather than completely changing their sleep environment in one foul swoop, we moved the babes into their cribs IN their Rock n’ Plays. Then we began adjusting them to their cribs during naps and eventually nights.

In retrospect, it was a pretty easy transition that I would contribute to the help of the Fisher Price Rock ‘n Play!

There is no doubt in my mind that you will love it as much as I did! There are only a few items I would say that twin parents need to get for their newborn twins….and this IS one of them.

Do you have a baby product that you simply can’t live without….please share it with us!

Chat with us in the comments below.

xoxo, Jenn

This post includes affiliate links for your convenience.  If you love any of the products we are sharing here to make your life a little bit easier, simply click on the highlighted link to purchase!  We ONLY tell you about products we have used with our TWINS and love them because they WORK.
  • I bought one of these when Luke was born a few years ago because you told me to! I loved it for a 6th reason – each morning I would breastfeed then pump my excess. I would lay him in the rock n play at my feet while I pumped which kept him 1. very close to me – which he liked, and 2. soothed and happy, since I could rock it gently with my foot while my hands were busy pumping. Like you said, because it was so light weight it was easy to place it right by our rocking chair just for these 10 minutes each morning, then move it all around my house where I needed it next / out of the way.

    • Hi Suzanne,

      Isn’t reflux the worst…those poor babies suffer so much, as do their parents! Truly the Rock n’ Play SAVED our life! By the way, we are obsessed with your blog….all you mama’s out there, check out mykindofsweet.com!

  • The rock-n-play was a life saver for our twins and sleeping! We tried the crib at first but it had to be elevated and didn’t work well, might have been user error also on getting the elevation right. They kept sliding down! ? Tried our rock-n-plays and they started sleeping wonderfully and much longer!!! Now we just don’t want to take them out for fear they won’t sleep as long!!!

    • Hi Nikki,

      The rock n’ plays are truly AMAZING and help so much with sleep challenges. We are so glad that you found success with them. Trust us, transitioning them out of the rock ‘n play and into the crib isn’t as hard or scary as it seems. It just takes some consistency! Let us know if you need more help while you work through that transition.

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