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52 Things to Add To Your Family’s Vision Board This Year

family vision board

Last year was a doozie, there is no arguing that. As we reflect on what we went through and learned, let’s blaze into the new year with the intention to be more present, more purposeful, and more positive.

Do your New Year’s resolutions tend to fly out the window by February? This is a great alternative. So, in the spirit of trying something new this year, why not create a vision board for your family?

Uh, what is that exactly?

A vision board is a collection of images and words to remind you and your family of the goals you set. It serves as a visual of all the things you want to accomplish and helps to keep those intentions from disappearing as soon as your busy life as a parent gets in the way.

Two Came True | Family’s Vision Board

It’s a fantastic way to include the entire family in the process of setting goals and making positive changes in your life.

Creating a vision board can be made with something as simple as a poster board. For the more crafty types, you can create something on an acrylic board, giant chalkboard, or use our vision board template (click here). The important thing to remember is that it should be placed somewhere at home where it is visible to everyone. It is supposed to represent your entire family as a unit and as individuals.

family vision board

52 Things to Put on Your Family’s Vision Board This Year

  1. (Jan. 1-3) Set a new goal as a family, maybe changing a habit to encourage everyone to disconnect and spend more time together
  2. (Jan. 10) Adopt a family mantra
  3. (Jan. 17) Donate old towels and blankets to an animal shelter
  4. (Jan. 24) Start a quote jar and fill it with funny, kind, or inspirational things your kids say
  5. (Jan. 31) Shovel a neighbor’s driveway
  6. (Feb. 7) Stay in your pajamas all-day
  7. (Feb. 14) Make DIY Valentines send to an assisted living home
  8. (Feb. 21) Send a care package to a soldier
  9. (Feb 28) Plan a post-COVID vacation
  10. (March 7) Find a pen pal and send them handwritten letters
  11. (March 14) Have a dance party in the kitchen
  12. (March 21) Make homemade play dough
  13. (March 28) Find a new hobby the whole family can enjoy
  14. (April 4) Try to reduce your plastic use
  15. (April 11) Check out a subscription service like Let’s Make Art or Kiwi Crate
  16. (April 18) Learn how to compost
  17. (April 25) Find a geocache
  18. (May 2) Do a puzzle as a family
  19. (May 9) Plan a family photoshoot
  20. (May 16) Plant flowers and a summer garden
  21. (May 23) Sing Karaoke
  22. (May 30) Make a plant-based meal as a family
  23. (June 6) Go for a Sunday drive
  24. (June 13) Make a pillow fort
  25. (June 20) Turn off your screens for an entire day
  26. (June 27) Go to a drive-in movie
  27. (July 4) Make homemade pasta
  28. (July 11) Camp in the back yard
  29. (July 18) Run through the sprinklers
  30. (July 25) Take a nap in a hammock
  31. (Aug. 1) Go for a bike ride and stop for a picnic along the way
  32. (Aug. 8) Bake cookies and drop them off at a local firehouse
  33. (Aug. 15) Do your grocery shopping at a farmer’s market
  34. (Aug. 22) Watch a movie outside (using a portable movie theater, like Cinemood)
  35. (Aug. 29) Try a new recipe
  36. (Sept. 5) Take a road trip
  37. (Sept. 12) Choose a classic book to read as a family
  38. (Sept. 19) Visit an apple orchard and bake something as a family
  39. (Sept. 26) Make a pot of chili and watch football
  40. (Oct 3.) Plan a family Halloween costume
  41. (Oct. 10) “Boo” your neighbors
  42. (Oct. 17) Check out Halloween decorations in your neighborhood
  43. (Oct. 24) Carve pumpkins and have a family carving contest
  44. (Oct. 31) Go to a corn maze
  45. (Nov. 7) Start a gratitude pumpkin
  46. (Nov. 14) Camp in the living room
  47. (Nov. 21) Rake a neighbor’s leaves and jump in the leaf piles
  48. (Nov. 28)Try your hand at making pasta
  49. (Dec. 5) Adopt a family to give gifts and holiday meals for
  50. (Dec. 12) Make a handmade gift
  51. (Dec. 19) Drive around to see holiday lights
  52. (Dec. 26) Plan/host a family game night

Remember, you can always add to or take something away from your board. Nothing is set in stone, it’s merely a way for your family to set goals get excited and be intention in the new year. We’d love to see or hear about your vision boards! How creative did you get? We love to see all of the creative ideas you came up with.

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