7 Clever Indoor Activities for Kids to Help Fight Gloomy Day Boredom


They call it cabin fever for a reason…..indoor activities get boring quickly!

A few days of being stuck inside with kids is enough to drive a mom crazy.

The struggle is real!

Snow and rainy days can make it difficult to get outside. We know there are the days you brave the elements, but sometimes it’s just too cold.  Sometimes you simply don’t have the extra 45 minutes, or even the energy, to dress your kids in a full snowsuit, mittens, hats, boots, etc.

7 clever indoor activities for kids to fight off gloomy day boredom

It can be challenging to find engaging activities that keep your kids entertained without involving hours and hours of tv watching.  

Hey, who doesn’t love a little TV? We do!

But kids get restless and moms start to go stir crazy! We get it!

Doesn’t it always feel like when you’re trying to keep everyone happy by fighting off boredom with new, exciting activities every five minutes, your mind draws a blank?

……and the next thing you know, all hell breaks loose!

We put together a list of creative ideas that you can pull out in those moments of desperation, to keep the cabin fever at bay!

7 Creative Activities for Kids to Help Fight Gloomy Day Boredom:

indoor activities for kids to flight gloomy day boredom

1. Window Markers:

Window markers are super cool and fun for kiddos. The best part is that they are also easy to clean up. Let your kiddos write and create designs on your sliding glass door, random windows in your house or even your shower doors. Play a game of Tic Tac Toe, or keep a tally of everytime you see a car drive down the street. Whatever it may be, these markers are great at making the time pass….and what kid wouldn’t love drawing on something other than paper?

2. Solo Cup Bowling:

You know there is a stash of Solo Cups somewhere in your house from an old tailgate or a birthday party. Pull them and stack them into a pyramid. Let the kids toss soft balls of their choice and knock them down. If you want to keep score…those window markers could be handy here!

3. Dress Up:  

Those Halloween costumes that have piled up in the back of the closet can come in handy yet again!  Kids love dressing up and it gives them the opportunity to develop their imagination, learn about themselves and strengthen their communication skills.  As you clean out old costumes or even your closest, save some things to create a costume box for your kids.  Just as the boredom begins to set in, encourage your kids them to dig into the box and let their imaginations kick into high gear.  They are never too young or too old to dress up!

Our kids love to play “Trunk Show” on gloomy days.  We give them 10 pieces of clothing from our closets and they have 2 minutes to put together an outfit to show off their unique style.  For some added fun, turn on some music and have a runway show down the hallway!

4. Bake:

Baking is a great way to actively engage with your kids on days when you’re stuck inside. It not only results in delicious treats, but can teach kids valuable lessons.  When you cook with your kids they can learn first hand what goes into the food they eat, they can learn about precise measurement, following directions and reading recipes.  

If you have really little kids, give them bowls and utensils, let them creatively bang on some pans while you bake some delicious treats!  

Baking might be messy, but the memories you are creating with your family are completely worth it.

5. Cardboard Forts:

Grab those Amazon Prime boxes and put ‘em to good use. Get some duct tape, markers and let your kiddos enjoy decorating their creations.  Cut out some windows and a door, then throw old sheets over the sides of the couch and attach the boxes. If you have a timer in your kitchen or bell, use that as a doorbell.  Hours of creative fun from your recyclables!

6. Shaving Cream Fun:

Shaving cream is good for more than a smooth shave….a great invention for creative, fun, messy play. Smear shaving cream on cookie sheets. Have your kids draw pictures or practice writing letters and numbers.  If you’re in the mood to kill two birds with one stone, toss them in the shower to draw with shaving cream on the walls!  When they’re done, turn the shower…and wala, bath time is DONE!

7. Play Osmo:

We’ve said it once and we’ll say it again.  We are in LOVE with our recent discovery, the Osmo educational game system. It turns your child’s interaction with an IPad or IPhone into a hands-on educational interactive experience. The Osmo Genius Family turns spelling, math and visual thinking into interactive experiences on the tablet. It also offers creative experiences, like Newton, Monster, and Masterpiece, which turn your child’s creative drawings into animated fun.  Another cool feature we love is that it introduces your kids to the wild world of coding with the newest family of games: Coding with Awbie, Coding Jam or the Osmo Coding Duo.  

We know that screen time isn’t necessarily your first choice for entertaining your kids on those gloomy days, but with the Osmo, you can feel comfortable knowing that your child’s screen time will be a hands-on educational experience.  Osmo has developed experiences that grow with your children, making your investment in the system a valuable one.  

Pin this to a board and save it for one of those crazy weather days that creeps up on you. Hopefully, you can take a few of these ideas and put them to use with your kids!  

Share your gloomy day woes with us in the comments below….we’d love to hear how your kids like some of these activities!