A Letter to Our TTC Sister: You are Not Alone


Dear Mama-In-Waiting, TTC Sister,

A Letter to our ttc sister
Too often, people’s struggles with infertility are unknown.  So many women go on with life, smiles on their faces, hiding their pain; the outside world has no idea.

We want you to know that you are not alone, we are your TTC sister.

It is a personal and intimate journey that is difficult to share because it is even more difficult to understand until you’ve been there.  We get it!

It’s easy for someone who doesn’t know what you are going through to tell you to “just quit thinking about it, it will happen”, or to “relax”.

People mean well, they really do.

But until they spend a minute in your shoes, they truly don’t understand the loneliness and deeply painful struggle you are going through.

Although infertility is a very personal and private experience, you are not alone.  We have been in your shoes TTC sister.

Whether you decide to confide in a good friend, write in a journal, or simply read a blog like ours, there is always a place to find comfort.

Seek out those supports in your darkest hours and hang in there sisters, because your day too shall come!

We would be honored to hear about your journey.  Chat with us in the comments below!

all-our-love, jenn-and-Meghan-from-two-came-true