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Are Your Twins Ready to Potty Train?: 7 Readiness Signs

trouble shoot potty training before you begin

are your twins ready to potty train?

We know mama…you were ready to potty train the day you brought your babies home from the hospital!

Parents change around 8-10 diapers a day, per baby.

So as a parent of twins, multiply that by 2.

That is almost 20 diapers a day for at least the first two years of their lives.  It isn’t super likely that your babies will be potty trained by two years old. So without pulling out the calculator, it is probably safe to say that you are going to be changing A LOT of diapers.

With that being said, we understand all too well how ready you are to get your twins potty trained sooner than later.

And while you may be as ready as can be to begin potty training, do you know if your twins are really ready?

When Should You Potty Train?

Potty training readiness is dependent on each child.  There really isn’t a definitive age when your child should be ready to begin using the potty. This means that whether your twins potty train at 18 months or at 3 years old, potty training won’t be indicative of their future intellectual or emotional achievements.

How Do I Know My Twins Are Ready to Potty Train?

Don’t fret mama, begin looking for a few clear signs that your twins may be ready to being potty training. While your twins don’t need to display all the signs that we list here, they should be displaying a large majority of these behaviors:

  • Have they begun pulling at their diaper because they don’t like being dirty or find it uncomfortable?
  • Are they hiding whiling they are soiling their diaper?
  • Are your twins able to stay dry for longer periods throughout the day?
  • Is their diaper dry when they wake up from naps?
  • Are they interested in you or your spouse using the restroom?
  • Can your twins clearly communicate to you that they have soiled their diaper or are about to go?
  • Can they pull their pants up and down on their own?

Should I Potty Train My Twins At the Same Time or Separately?

As with all things related to being a twin parent, the real challenge here is that you have two of them.  So what do you do? Because we all know that your twins won’t miraculously be ready to potty train at the same time!

This becomes a bit tricky, but we highly suggest that you potty train your twins when you see the signs and feel that it is right for the individual child.  If you are lucky enough, you might be able to train them at the same time! You are probably an exhausted parent, after all. Potty training two at a time is tiresome, but so is one kiddo!

So listen to your children’s cues and try to find the right time!

With that being said, we do caution you to be sure that you aren’t pushing one twin to potty train too soon, which can lead to regression and frustration.  All the while, you don’t want to ask the more ready twin to wait too long.  It is a fine balance in knowing exactly when it is time, but the good news is that it is likely that your twin who isn’t as inclined to potty train will be encouraged by their sibling and join the bandwagon.

Be sure to read the signs from your individual children, after all they are two very different people, who shared your womb, a birthday…and maybe DNA in some cases.  If either babe is resistant to potty training, back off for a bit with that twin.  You can wait a week or two and try again later.  Just know that it is ok to continue working with the twin who may be finding success with this milestone.

We say it over and over again, but you are the one who knows your children best.  Go with your gut here; let your children be your guide to know when the time is right.  Trust us, you will know as soon as you start if they were truly ready or not!

Be sure not to miss our FaceBook Live video which talks all about potty training twins!

Let us know how it goes, share with us your successes or your challenges.  Have any questions before you begin?  Send those our way as well!

We are here to be your village so chat with us in the comments below!