Birthday Traditions That Make Twins Feel Special on Their Shared Day

We all love a little birthday love, right?! The chance to celebrate, with the limelight all on you? Why, yes, please!

birthday traditions for twins

Not only do twins share a unique bond with their sibling, but they also share a birthday, which for young children, can be difficult. Just because twins are celebrating the same day doesn’t mean that we can’t make it special for each kid.

These birthday traditions are what we like to employ while we celebrate each of our twins as an individual even though they share the same special day.

6 Birthday Traditions for Twins:

Birthday Posters:

Make a Birthday poster for each kid with a picture from each year of their life. Then, create a list of things that make them special with the number of things on the list matching their age!

Yes Day, All Day:

Give each twin a YES! day. Allow each child a day where you say “yes” to their requests (within reason of course, so set some boundaries, wink wink). But, since you have two kids, give them their own day, so they get the reap the benefits of their siblings YES day as well as their own! We like to grant wishes like having dessert before dinner, enjoying chocolate milk on their cheerios or picking the restaurant they want to eat at. Nothing too extravagant, but things that make the day fun, memorable and most importantly, special!

birthday traditions for twins

Warm Up Those Pipes:

It is the simplest of birthday traditions, but definitely our favorite. Sing Happy Birthday twice, specifically singing to each child. Twins can often be lumped together as a pair, so it is nice to allow them to feel honored with their own birthday song on their special day. Hey, if they prefer it together, so be it. Ask them and see what they’d like!

birthday traditions for twins

Date Day:

Take time to split the kids up during the week leading up to their birthday. Have each child pick a unique activity to do with just one parent. Celebrate that special time together and then switch kids later in the week. For example, one child might love to try the trampoline park and ice cream with dad while mom takes the other for go-karts and a movie.

LOVE Notes:

Writing special notes on your bathroom mirrors, in their lunch boxes or on creatively different birthday cards. Write individual birthday notes to each kid giving them some love that is crafted specifically for them.

Birthday Treats:

birthday traditions for twins

There are plenty of twins that prefer the same treats, however, it is nice to again honor them as individuals by getting them two different cakes, or whatever birthday treat you prefer, with their own name and decor on top!

birthday traditions for twins

For your twins’ next birthday, remember that the celebration doesn’t have to be extravagant, but it is the little touches that will help each of your twins feel unique and special on their birthday, a day that they share. With a little planning, you might even find yourself spending more one-on-one quality time with your kids, a bonus for all!

If you need some great ideas while planning your twins’ next birthday party, head to our birthday party Pinterest board for some inspiration.