The ONE Secret to Conquering Nighttime Feedings With Newborn Twins

Feeding twins, especially nighttime feedings, is a huge job.  We won’t lie, it is no easy task!

Whether you are exclusively breastfeeding, formula feeding, or a combo of both…it’s a lot of work for any new parent!

You’re working extremely hard keeping two babies fed during the day…and just when you get the pump parts and bottles washed, it’s nighttime!

There are ways that you can conquer nighttime feedings and get a little more rest throughout the night as well.  It will take some patience, practice, and consistency, but, trust us, it can be done quite seamlessly.

The #1 tip we share with new parents is to make sure babies are getting plenty of food during the day so they can get more restful sleep at night!

In our book, You Can Two!: The Essential Twins Preparation Guide, we have entrusted some of our favorite pros to offer up their invaluable advice that helps new twin parents feel confident with real tips that you can try at home with your own babies.

Here’s a peek from Kelly Wecker, CAPPA-certified postpartum doula, and trained newborn sleep specialist.. (we like to call her the baby whisperer)the boss when it comes to twin sleep!

ONE Secret to Conquering Nighttime Feeding With Twins

Nighttime feedings with newborn twins does get easier over time, and luckily goes away at some point! The goal is to teach your twins healthy sleep habits so that they can fall asleep and go back to sleep independently, giving everyone in the household more rest. However, if you hit a rough patch, ride the wave, as this too shall pass.

As tired as you are, enjoy those newborn peaceful snuggles because they too come to an end!

Teach us how you survived nighttime feedings in the comments below!  We are in this TOGETHER!