Do You Know the Truth Behind Our Scheduled C-Sections?

the truth behind our scheduled c-sectionsFrom the moment we heard two heartbeats on an ultrasound monitor, we started making decisions as mothers, fighting for what we knew would protect our children.

Making the choice on HOW to get our babies to this world was a huge decision. A scheduled c-section doesn’t seem to be the most socially acceptable way to have a baby, but it is a choice many mothers make, and it is an honorable one. We are amazed by the strength all mothers have when it comes to birth plans because we know first hand the unconditional love that goes into make those choices.

We have to say that making the choice to have scheduled c-sections weren’t decisions that we embarked upon lightly, nor were they decisions that came without some emotional turmoil.

We decided to write a post simply to share with our beloved readers our perspectives about having scheduled cesarean births. Why? Because birth is birth no matter which way you look at it.

Whether you delivered naturally, unmedicated, in a tub at home or up in a tree, we believe that the choices every woman makes for herself and her body simply to protect her babies are the most natural in the world.

Why We Choose to Have A Scheduled C-Section:

Jenn’s Birth (2)

The several years it took my husband and I to start our family were some of the most tumultuous of my life. A miscarriage, surgery, endless appointments, uncomfortable procedures, thousands of blood draws, needles and boxes of drugs were only the beginning.

By the time I was blessed with my miracle pregnancy, I was emotionally drained, struggling with anxiety and fighting to stay positive about the health and well being of the babies growing in my belly.

I remember the day we saw our babies on an ultrasound…six nerve racking weeks into my pregnancy. We left our RE’s office carrying the coveted first pictures of our miracles. Our eyes were puffy and red from the tears that had exploded from our eyes as soon as we saw two beating hearts.

My husband and I sat in the truck in silence, processing the amazing news we had just received. Before we decided who to call first, I looked at him nervously and said, “Honey, I don’t want to give birth to these babies the ‘natural’ way.”

Without hesitation, he grabbed my hand and said, “We will do this any way you want, I have your back babe and I want what is best for our family!”.

The thing was, we had been fighting for these babies for so long and I was struggling to see myself as any other pregnant woman. I was nervous, unable to calm my own fears. After so much disappointment and unknown, I needed a clear plan to help me see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I see our choice to have a scheduled cesarean birth as an act of unconditional love. It was intentional, and maybe even a little bit desperate, to help us achieve our ultimate goal: to bring two live, healthy babies into the world.

A scheduled c-section gave me, my husband and our babies the stamina we needed to optimistically to get through a challenging twin pregnancy. This choice allowed us to take back control of our emotional lives and fight with strength to the end of our journey.

With full support of my OB, we scheduled our cesarean birth at our 10 week appointment. Ironically, in the end, my twins were both breech and a c-section was the only safe way to deliver. Regardless, having a scheduled c-section as my birth plan gave me the piece of mind and emotional control I needed to keep myself and my babies healthy for 37 ½ weeks.

Meghan’s Birth Story:

When I got pregnant with my twin boys I was beyond ecstatic. There are truly no words to describe the pure joy that was exuding from my heart. Well, maybe except for the excitement the audience feels on The Ellen DeGeneres Show when they all win tickets to the 12 Days of Giveaways!

When the doctor showed me two little heart beats for the first time, my eyes filled with tears and my heart just about burst out of my chest. My world flipped upside down in an instant; sometimes I feel like I don’t remember what life was like before that moment.

All of the sudden, this mama bear maternal instinct kicked in and I knew I needed to keep these boys baking in the oven as long as my body would let me. Thoughts and questions started to immediately swirl around in my head. The one question that stands out from the blurry fog I was in that day was, “What is the safest way for me to get my babies here?” (1)

After a discussion with my husband and doctor, we decided to have a scheduled cesarian birth. There is, however, a medical reason why I chose early on in my pregnancy to have a c-section, I had uterine fibroids obstructing my cervix. The size and location of them made it highly unlikely that I would be able to deliver my twins vaginally. As a team, we knew that a c-section would be a safe way to get the boys to Earth.

This choice felt right for us as family, given our circumstances. We scheduled a date and time for the surgery, which helped me to start getting really excited to meet our boys!

I ended up making it to my scheduled date and time, and the entire birthing process was an incredible experience. There was music playing in the operating room that my husband had chosen ahead of time. A wonderful nurse took our camera to take photos of our experience and we have a meaningful video that we shot with our GoPro (the best ‘last-minutes choice of a lifetime)!

Turns out, the ol’ fibroids WERE in the way of my cervix and I wouldn’t have been able to deliver vaginally. Baby B was also breech. The moment those babies came out screaming, my life has been forever changed. It didn’t matter to me how they got to Earth, it just mattered that they got here safely.

My heart exploded into a millions pieces that day in August and I wouldn’t change one thing about our decision. Because, in fact, I know in my heart that it was the right decision for our family.

The choices women make about giving birth are incredibly personal. Whether you have an elaborate birth plan that outlines every possible scenario, a scheduled c-section or a home birth, know this mama….

You have just made the most loving choice to welcome your sweet little miracles into the world.

Share your birth stories with us…..we would be honored to hear about your incredible mama strength!

Chat with us in the comments below.

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  • I honestly felt like I was the only person on the planet who didn’t want to have a natural birth! It took us 3 1/2 years to get pregnant and when I found out it was twins (at 5 weeks), I knew I wanted a C-Section. The babes were head down until 37 weeks when my son flipped sideways and honestly, I was to relieved. All my doctors were pushing for a natural birth and it just felt wrong to me. Our MFM doctor supported me 100% when I told her I wanted a C-section after Greyson turned…she felt that it was a strong possibility that I could push Fynnlee out but then he would flip breech based on his position. No thank you.

    I’m 10000% comfortable with my decision and I dare anyone to offer their opinion on why it was wrong. No one is going to make me feel bad for wanting what *I* felt was the safest thing for my babies!

    Great post

    • Thanks for stopping by Jen, and thank you for your heartfelt comment. Sharing such a personal decision was difficult for us and we were bracing ourselves for some negativity. It is a blessing to know that we aren’t alone, and other women go through the same battle. The thing is, as mother’s, we know deep in our hearts what is best for our babies.

  • Good for you! I was recently mom shamed by my OB for wanting another induction (have a new OB I’ll meet w tomorrow). I had a healthy and productive induction 2 years ago at 39 weeks for preeclampsia. I was so horribly uncomfortable at the end of my pregnancy (like would wake up in tears from the miserable ‘sleeping’ conditions)… I am wondering why my desire for wanting another induction a week early again makes me look like a murderer to the healthcare profession. She promptly told me that no, if healthy, I will go to 41 weeks at least. My sister’s friend lost a baby at 41 weeks due to a deteriorated placenta. Sigh … what’s up with mom shaming birth plans!? Thanks for sharing your brave choices!:-)

    • Thank you for bravely sharing your story Linds! We are firm believers in supporting each other and our choices as moms, but it seems that mom shaming isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. What ever happened to not saying anything if you can’t say something nice! You know what is best for you and your baby….more power to you for fighting for what you feel is best!

  • I really wanted to deliver vaginally because I had four other children at home to take care of and I was a great candidate for such. Both babies were treading head down and in great position. Baby a came beautifully after 2 pushes and when dr checked where baby b’s head was and her hand and arm were up by her head and when dr tried to push arm out of the way my placenta detached and slid down in front of the birth canal. I ended up having an emergency c section for baby b and almost lost her and me. My dr announced then and there that she would never let a multiple momma deliver vaginally. Happy to have my healthy girls!

    • What a blessing Lisa that everything turned out ok and both you and your sweet miracles pulled through! Congratulations on two healthy baby girls! Thank you for sharing your scary experience with us.

  • Love this post! I always thought I never wanted to have a natural birth and really wanted a scheduled c-section. I literally panicked thinking about giving birth since i was young! But somehow everybody here tried to talk me out of c-sections and it´s not super common to get your doctor to agree if there´s no medical reason. So i ended up with the natural birth and it was quite traumatic (fastest birth ever, a lot of chaos, doctors running around) so for a possible next child i will definitely voice my preference again for the c-section!

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. Having a traumatic birth is not in anyone’s plan. We are so sorry to hear that it wasn’t idea for you. We wish you all the best with your future deliveries!

  • I didn’t want a c-section, but it turned out that after 3 hours of pushing my baby hadn’t moved a bit so I had to have one. I wish women were kinder to each other about the birthing process. If you gave birth, you did something amazing, regardless of how the baby came into the world!

    • We wish the same thing Gina. Every woman’s choice on how to birth and raise her children is made from a place of unconditional love! She makes choices she feels is best for her family….period. Thank you for sharing your experience with us.

  • I love this post! With my first I had a natural birth, with my second, I asked for a c section, people thought I was crazy but that’s what I wanted, it’s much easier and your babies are in your arms right away.
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    • Lynsey, we are so glad that you followed you heart with your second delivery. Truly, only the mother and father know what is the best decision for their family. We hope all is well and you are enjoying your two miracles.

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