Hands Full – Heart Full: A Mom of Twins Response to Strangers Everywhere

hands full hearts full

a mom of twins response to strangers everywhereAs a mom of twins, you quickly become accustomed to being stopped by a million perfect strangers who are intrigued by the two little angels tagging along beside you.

Their interrogations are purely innocent and sparked from people’s natural interest in the uniquities of twins.  But after so many inquisitions about my twins, the line of questioning on one particular day got me thinking about my responses to strangers in a different way.

I am a Mom Of Twins, So Yes My Hands are Full, But My Heart is Even Fuller!

While I was on a walk today, I was once again stopped by a stranger who couldn’t contain their bursting curiosity about my life as a mom of twins.  With two boys in tow, a double stroller and our black lab, I often hear, “Wow!  You really have your hands full!”

I used to smile, nod my head and make small talk about our twin, answering a battery of personal questions like (just to name a few):

  • Are they identical or fraternal?
  • Do twins run in your family?
  • Were you shocked when you found out you were having twins?

But today, something came over me and I responded by saying, “Yup.  Hands full, HEART full.”  I kindly smiled and kept walking.  The family stopped on the trail with their dogs and looked stunned that I didn’t want to talk today.  As I slowly sauntered down the hill I heard a trailing, “Huh, I’ll bet her heart is really full.”

Watermark (5)Here’s why my response to those strangers acknowledged that my hands were full, but alluded to the fact that truly it’s my heart that is full.  My heart is full because I’ve never known a love greater than the unconditional love of a child.  Each and every morning, I feel that my heart is going to burst out of my chest when I see my angels smiling as they eagerly await for me to get them out of their cribs.

My heart is full because of the way my boys look at my husband and giggle so excitedly when he picks them up to play airplane.

My heart is full because I am the lucky one who gets to witness every single “first” in their lives.  I am the one who gets to see the pride on their face when they have accomplished something new.

My heart bursts when they wrap their tiny fingers around my pinkie finger as we stroll through the grocery store.

And I melt each and every time they lean in for sweet baby kisses.

My heart is full because I am blessed to be chosen to be a mom of twins, THEIR mom.

So to you, the stranger on the street, who looks at me in awe and tells me that my hands are full: yes they are full. But my heart is more full than it’s ever been.  Even though I don’t know how it’s possible,  the love in my heart will continue to grow with each and every memory I make watching my two little miracles grow.

I wouldn’t change any minute of this wonderful chaos for anything, because I am so full of love, making every moment worth it!

xoxo,Meghan (1)