Twin Pregnancy

Honey I Blew Up My Belly: Week by Week Pregnant Twin Belly Pictures

Yes, that’s right……there are TWO heartbeats, and no the second heartbeat is NOT yours!

Once you are growing two humans in your pregnant twin belly, the wheels are starting to turn.

What will my babies look like?

How do you feed two at once?

Can I take care of two babies by myself?

Will I fit into my pants in 5 days?

I too had these questions.

Maybe you are pregnant, preparing to welcome your twins, are curious about what to expect when you get home, wondering how to care for two babies by yourself, or need help getting organized, setting up schedules and tackling sleep challenges, we are here to help you.  Meander through these belly pics and then check out our support services so you feel ready to rock as a twin mom.

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week by week pregnant twin belly pictures

So without further ado…here is my pregnant twin belly that slowly turned into a giant planet!

When I became pregnant with twins, I had my husband take pictures of me each week of my pregnancy so I could document the crazy growth of my pregnant twin belly.

PSA:  Not only was I busting out of my regular pants at 7 weeks, I was wearing maternity pants by 8 weeks.

7 weeks: Here I am at 7 weeks out for a brisk walk and still in my regular jeans.

8 Weeks: I know, I know…it was freezing! I couldn’t take my coat off to show the mini bump.  It was still super hard to tell there were two kiddos in there, except for the fact that I was wearing maternity jeans!

9 weeks: The sun was out, so I decided to whip off the old fleece to show off the pregnant twin belly. Meow!

10 Weeks: Getting bigger by the day! I have a hard time taking selfies. To this day I still take a serious selfie.

11 & 12 weeks:  What the heck Meghan! Why didn’t you take belly pictures? It’s not like you had anything to do!

13 Weeks: I LOVED my maternity pants from H&M in this picture. They felt like leggings.

14 weeks:  This was my signature look, maternity pants and a tank, or shorts and a t-shirt.

15 weeks: Here we are at an all-inclusive resort in Mexico for a wedding. My friend and I were eating for 3 extra people here.  Let’s just say we were regulars at the all you an eat salsa bar!

16 weeks:  Feeling great and excited as ever! All I needed was to figure out a way to tie my shoes easier.

17 weeks: I felt like I was carrying a small soccer ball in my belly.

18 weeks and still hiking my favorite 2-mile loop!

19 weeks and dressed to impress!  These heels stayed on about 30 minutes before I switched to flip flops.

20 weeks: I was still trying to wear some non-maternity tops. It was only until the buttons started popping that I really had to have a serious talk with myself and decided to stick to stretchier fabrics.

21 weeks: We began working on the nursery. I seriously love this shirt because I am obsessed with the movie, The Great Outdoors.  This is the shirt I wore the day I gave birth.  Wait until you see that picture…

22 weeks:  This was my staple work wardrobe……notice the flip-flips!  There was no way I could get shoes tied everyday!

23 Weeks: Still working on the nursery! My old t-shirts, that I wore as painting shirts, were clearly little too short with that growing bump!

24 weeks: Dressed in the my absolute favorite maternity dress (click to buy) that I also had in navy, for my baby shower.  Those wedges were super comfy and I was able to wear them all day!

25 Weeks:  Who says you can’t still take the dog to a brewery while you’re pregnant? Designated driver for the win!

26 Weeks:  Thank goodness for stretchy tank tops and cardigans to get me through the final months of the school year as a teacher!

27 weeks: That bump kept on growin’…and growin’ and growin’…

28 weeks: Look out!  Pulled out this cute maternity dress again for a baby shower! Isn’t my mom gorgeous?

29 weeks: Shocking! I am wearing a t-shirt and shorts again. This was my pregnant twin belly uniform.

30 weeks: I really tried to get fancy by putting my hair in braids.  Again, rocking the t-shirt and shorts look all day every day!

31 weeks: Does this outfit look familiar? That’s because I wore this maternity dress (click to buy) to every single outing that required me to be looking presentable. We had maternity pictures taken because I just wasn’t quite sure when these boys were going to make an appearance.

32 Weeks:  This week I remember sitting under a small tree in the shade while my dog swam in front of me and I got stuck, people! I couldn’t get back up without my husband’s help!

33 Weeks:  By 33 weeks I was felt like I was carrying a basketball in my belly!

34 Weeks:  Posing in that same maternity dress (click to buy) for another baby shower!  Good thing this dress had some serious stretch to it! Again, doesn’t my mom look fantastic?

35 Weeks:  I was hesitant to post this one…but why not? This is what my beautiful pregnant twin belly looked like at 35 weeks.  Come on babes, grow!

 36 weeks:  Back at the pond again with my dog.  This time I brought a Home Depot bucket to sit on.  I found it in the back of our garage and it made the most perfect stool!

37 Weeks:  Made it to the final stretch with the boys! Thank goodness for shorts and tanks during the summer…oh and the pool! The pool was a must, people.  It saved my back! So did my maternity belt...but I broke that during my 2nd trimester.

37 weeks-5 days…

This was the final picture before I gave birth!  I was incredibly uncomfortable, yet a super excited mama.

And then…my little miracles decided to show up.  But first, one last dance party…

Welcome to the world, boys! My belly and I are glad you are here.

We created this wonderful platform for you mama and we won’t stop until you feel ready to THRIVE!  So now that you have seen my pregnant belly journey, be sure to take plenty of pictures of yours.  And while you are preparing for your twin birth, let us support you with an individualized plan!

Join in the fun…share your pregnant belly pics with us in the comments below!

Oh and here are a few outtakes….