Bye Bye Jet Lag: How to Ensure Everyone Sleeps While Traveling with Kids

Passports? Check.

Wallet? Check.

Anything else you may need while you are traveling with kids can be bought or borrowed right?

Mostly yes.

The truth is, while traveling with kids is a wonderful way to give them valuable experiences, it can also leave you feeling like you have a laundry list a mile long of things to pack and prepare for.

When it comes to traveling with kids, and ensuring that everyone gets enough sleep, there is one thing to remember . . . the SLEEP ENVIRONMENT makes all the difference.

Let’s be real here, there is a good possibility that you’ll get to your destination and your kids don’t sleep, making the trip a total bust!

Your beach vacation won’t be so blissful if everyone is exhausted.  Returning home and trying to get back into your routine won’t be so pretty either.  Sleep is essential to helping everyone enjoy the time away.

While you won’t be packing mattresses in your suitcase, you can bring a lot of the essential items that make up your kids’ sleep environment with you while traveling.  Consistency in routine and environment are fundamental in teaching your kids to be good sleepers, regardless of where they will lay down at night, which is why you don’t want to forget a few key items that we can pretty much guarantee to help your kids sleep even when they aren’t sleeping in their beds.

how to ensure everyone sleeps while traveling with kids

4 Essentials to Pack While Traveling with Kids:

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White Noise:

DON’T leave home without it!  Since birth, our kids have slept with white noise in their bedrooms.  To tell you the truth, after years of listening to it through baby monitors, it has become a necessity in our own bedrooms.  So it goes without saying that when we travel, we don’t go anywhere without white noise.  If possible, bring the same white noise machine that you turn on nightly while at home. The same white noise helps keep consistency at night.  But if you can’t find enough room in your suitcase for that machine, here are some great options to invest in for your next trip with the kids:

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When all else fails, say because you forgot the white noise machine at home, download an app on your phone or tablet!  But, speaking from experience, be sure your technology is plugged in so the noise doesn’t’ shut off in the middle of the night, waking the whole family up!

Blanket or Lovies:

It’s probably safe to say that almost every kid has some soft blanket, stuffed animal or lovie that they cannot live without.  Bring it with you, this is not the time to decide that they can suck it up and go without. Pack the darn thing!

Losing the beloved security blanket while walking through the airport is sure to ruin everyone’s day.  Once you discover what item your child clings to like super glue, buy a few, wear them out in the washing machine and bring a backup, just in case.

Pea Pod Tent:

This little bundle of convenience was an accidental discovery during a family trip to the mountains.  A hotel Jenn’s family stayed in had Kidco Pea Pod tents set up in the hotel room when her boys were super little.  Well, come to find out, they were a great place for the kids to sleep at night and helped her family eliminate the need to travel with pack n’ plays.  These are great not only for napping on the go, say while on the beach or sitting by the pool, but are nice to help save space in a small hotel room. These pea pod tents pop-up easily, fold up into a small pouch, are inexpensive, and can create a space for your kid to take a nap on the go or sleep comfortably without needing cribs!

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Essential Oils Room Spray:

You may laugh like Meghan did, but essential oils are super effective.  At night, we spray a little lavender in our kid’s rooms to help create a soothing environment while they fall asleep.  Jenn started making a travel bottle to keep bedtime routines while traveling super consistent!  You’d be amazed at how much this helps the boys settle down and get the zzz’s they need.

What are some of the sleep essentials that you can’t live without when you are traveling with kids?

Share EVERY trick you have in the comments below, we’d love to hear from you.


how to ensure everyone sleeps while traveling with kids