Twin Pregnancy

The Final Stretch of Twin Pregnancy: Getting Through Last Few Weeks

It’s the final countdown…your twin pregnancy will soon come to an end.

Your hormones are making you feel like you need to do, do, do, yet the two babies living inside you are exhausting you beyond belief.

Your body is being challenged, as is your bladder.

how to get through the last few weeks of twin pregnancy

Carrying two babies for months on end is taxing, not only your body, but your mental state as well, and it can sometimes be hard to see the end in sight.  But trust us, the end result is more awesome than you can ever imagine, making your pregnancy anguish totally worth it!

The first trimester of your twin pregnancy you most likely experience some of the following emotions: excited, shocked, nervous, maybe even fully panicked. You may or may not have morning sickness, you’ll probably see a surge in your appetite, and, yes you WILL start peeing 86 times a day! Some moms try and hide their rapidly growing bumps, while others find it freeing to let it all show.  All the while, as you adjust to your newly pregnant body, the anticipation builds to the moment when you finally decide it’s time to announce to your friends and family that in fact, two babies will be here in a few short months.

The second trimester, or should we say, the glory days, seem to feel like the easiest during a twin pregnancy. You are looking fabulous, rockin’ a sweet baby bump, and aren’t yet overly huge. People are doting on you because you are carrying babies and it’s exciting.

Once you enter the third trimester, it’s a total crapshoot!

Some women carrying twins are still working and completing a daily fitness routine. Others feel like they are barely hanging on.  Some will be on bedrest at home and others might even be on more restricted bedrest at the hospital.   You may experience restless legs at night, pregnancy insomnia, intense backaches and feel like every day is moving very slow.

Regardless of where you are at during this stage of twin pregnancy, some things seem to be fairly common for many pregnant moms.  It’s exciting that you are going to meet your new little bundles.  It’s also nerve-wracking because you know each day that they continue to bake in your belly is incredibly important.  Selfishly you may be hoping for a mass exodus sooner than later!  Trust us, you are not alone, we felt all of this too and have heard the same from the pregnant twin moms we talk to all over the world.

We can’t sign your twins eviction notice, but we can share with you Meghan’s ingenious tips that helped make her last few weeks twin pregnancy a teensy bit more manageable, both mentally and physically.

7 Tips to Help You Enjoy Your Final Weeks Of Twin Pregnancy:

how to get through the last few weeks of twin pregnancy

Home Depot Bucket:

My twin belly was so large that even the smallest things seemed like the biggest challenge. Showering was one of them. I got a bucket from Home Depot, turned it upside down and put it in my shower so that I had a stool to sit on while I showered.  Instead of rushing through my shower, I was able to sit and relax in the warm water.

Foot Rubs: 

This is the time for a pregnant woman to capitalize on being pampered by their partners. If you like your feet rubbed, ask your partner for a few minutes of lovin’ at the end of each day. Your feet will thank you. . . especially if you are working the next day.

Letters from friends: 

I was emotionally taxed at the end of my pregnancy. I was anxious and excited to meet my little guys, but physically I wasn’t sure how much longer my body or my emotional stamina was going to hold on. My best friends from college rallied together and took turns sending me daily letters and videos of encouragement. I swear I cried reading every single one of them. I woke up each and every morning looking forward to seeing those sentiments in my inbox. Lean in, ask your tribe of friends and family to search the vault and find old memories to send you. It’s what the heart needs at the end of twin pregnancy.

Set Small Goals: 

Now is not the time to try and hike a 14er in the Colorado Rockies or hang shiplap in the nursery.  Staying active is important (if allowed by your doctors), but as a very pregnant twin mama, it will be challenging to get in all of your Fitbit steps.  I set small goals, like taking a hot lap or two around Target or taking short walks to the mailbox after dinner.  Movement is movement even though it’s not what your active lifestyle use to resemble.

If you tend to take your work home with you, try to work an extra few minutes in the am, before lunch, and before you leave. . . then LEAVE the rest at work if possible. It’s hard to do, but it will be nice to leave work at work, giving you more of an opportunity to connect with your partner, focus on your other children in you have them, and making time for a little self-care.

Fresh Air:

Make a point to get outside for fresh air.  Even if you are just moving your Home Depot bucket to the front porch, it can do wonders for you, both physically and emotionally.  At the end of my pregnancy, walking to the mailbox felt like I was running a marathon. On occasion, I decided that sitting outside for fresh air was all I could do.  I brought a nice chair out on my front porch and sat in the rain for 20 minutes. It was quiet, refreshing, and allowed me to relax by myself, something that was much harder to find once those boys arrived.


Now is the time to get the final brow wax, haircut, and pedicure before your babies show up. Enjoy the extra foot rub at the nail salon.  Splurge for the extra scalp massage while you get your hair cut and ENJOY this time.  Soon you will be entering another wonderful chapter of your life, but finish strong in the self-care department. You deserve it!

For those moms who can’t get out to get take care of those last minute luxuries, due to bed rest or other circumstances, again, lean in and ask friends.  You’d be surprised how willing people are to come to you and give you a little extra TLC.

Staying Connected: 

Whether you have family and friends near or far, these people will be your tribe.  They are ones you can really count on, once your babies arrive. Keep them in the loop with calls, text or a quick email to let them know your hopes after you have given birth. I was nervous about being bombarded with phone calls or forgetting to let someone know that our boys had arrived, that I asked one person to keep all my family and friends to keep in the loop minute I went into the hospital. It felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders once I released that responsibility to someone else.  At the end of your twin pregnancy, your mind is racing, your anxieties are heightened and you start to worry about the littlest things.

If you are reading this and at nearing the final stretch of your twin pregnancy, go on girl! You are almost to the finish line. Make sure you put a little extra focus on you and your needs during these last few weeks. Your future self will thank you!

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Hit me up in the comments below! How have you taken care of yourself at the end of your pregnancy?