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How To Make Bathtime Calming and Stress-Free

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Bathtime with infants and small children can be overwhelming at times. Some kids LOVE the water and are willing to jump into the tub while other kids are more reluctant.  Everyone needs to be cleaned, but it isn’t unusual for bathtime to be a source of stress for parents.  If you are tackling baths alone, it can take more time and add more stress to your plate.

So how do you make bath time enjoyable with your kids and take the stress away that you may associate with the chore?

Parenting isn’t simple, we all know that, but we believe that some preparation and organization can help make things easier.  

5 Tips for Making Bathtime FUN

Prepare for the bathtime

Whether you have one or several kids, every parent wants bathtime to be successful and easy…right?  Prepare ahead of time! Create a bathtime space where everything you need is within reach of the tub. Store towels, pajamas, diapers, bath soaps and lotions in a place where you aren’t having to run all over the place to get everyone ready for the bath.

Gather the gang

You want to be sure nobody is running into other parts of the house.  Yes, it sounds so simple, yet hard to do! Gather your kids and make sure nobody is left alone near water in the bathroom.

Keep A Routine

Having a routine around everything you do with your kids is essential, especially for twin parents.  Bathtime shouldn’t be any different. Doing the same things each time kids get in the tub, and using the same products, can help make bathtime successful and easy!  We are excited that Baby Magic products, known for its generationally-loved baby skin care with nostalgic scents, has recently launched brand-new products by reformulating its current products to include wholesome ingredients updated packaging – even introducing new bunny mascots. No more sulfates, mineral oil, dyes, parabens, phthalates, talc and lanolin!

Have fun activities for the tub

In order to get everyone clean, you will need to have fun things to entertain your kids while you bathe the others.  If you have older children and newborns, let your kids play while you wash the newborn in the sink. Be sure that you are in a place where you can have a constant eye on all of your children near the water.

Art in the Tub:

Speaking of fun bath time activities, drawing or painting on the bathtub walls are super fun for young children. You get to kill two birds with one stone because this messy activity in the tub makes clean up easy!  Let your kids go to town with bathtub crayons; simply wash it off the walls when you are done! If you have another baby, this is the perfect time to start your sink bath while the others are getting messy with their art projects!


Bubbles are always a hit with kids, outside and in the tub.  Throw in a few floating toys and you’ve got yourself at least 10 minutes of fun.

Bathtime Music:

Adding soothing music is a great way to make bathtime a calming experience.  It’s not uncommon that baths can get rowdy with several kids splashing around in the water, making it hard for everyone to calm down before bed.  We find that music helps set the mood. Coupled with quieter activities, like bathtub art, everyone will begin to wind down for the day.

Bathtime can be a quick, calming part of your bedtime routine, it can help pass time if you’re stuck inside all day.  Your babies and kids need baths, so why not make it an enjoyable experience for all?