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Survive Outings With Twins Alone: 8 Ideas that Really Work

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We’ve seen it a million times, new moms looking cute and put together, pushing their newborn baby carrier perfectly set in in the shopping cart.

Outings with twins looks slightly different.  Ok, we’ll be honest with you, it looks really different.  It may feel impossible, but let us the be first to tell you that it IS entirely possible.

YOU TOO, can successfully get out and about with your twins ALL BY YOURSELF.

surviving outings with twins alone

We won’t lie to you, taking two babies, toddlers or even preschoolers out alone takes some preparation.  Remember, you have 2 kids, maybe more than that!  They will have blowouts, cry, and even throw tantrums. They will need to find a bathroom at the most inopportune time and get hungry right after you leave the house…it happens!

Outings with twins will be chaotic at times….you may feel like a spectacle, but it’s ok because we’ve all been there.  

Hey, you’ve already carried your twins and birthed them…that was the hard part.  The rest is simply logistics.  Put your big girl panties on; you’ve got this!

If all else fails while you’re out, turn around, head home and try again next time.  Or if they fall asleep in the car, just drive through the nearest coffee shop and take a nice peaceful drive through your neighborhood, over and over and over again while your twins sleep.  

Making the most of any situation that comes your way will keep you from feeling overly discouraged or too frustrated. As we like to say, “mommin’ ain’t easy”.  It’s not a job for the faint of heart, which is why you have been selected for the job.  It only takes a moment…regroup, strategize, and try it again…you’ll find success eventually!

survive outings with twins alone

8 Tips for Surviving Outings with Twins When You Are Alone:


Take your most versatile double stroller:  

We quickly discovered that there was no one-size fits all solution when it came to double strollers, which is why we both own a few.  After giving birth, lifting a heavy stroller is no easy task. The Double Snap-n-go is the stroller that made it easiest to get babies out of the car and into the store. It’s lightweight and folds flat into the back of any car. Our Chicco Keyfit car seats fit right into that stroller so that there was no need to get our babies out of the car seats.  You could put groceries in the basket at the bottom of the stroller or attach The Mommy Hooks to the front of the stroller and clip it to a basket! Eventually, the City Select Lux Double Stroller was great to put both babies in and maneuver around stores.  We reserved the Double Bob for outings like going to the zoo or going for a run because it’s a smooth and luxurious ride, but it’s a bit wide.

Another way we’d get around with infant twins was by wearing one baby in an Ergo carrier and keep the other baby in the car seat propped safely on the cart.  

Once our boys were older and could steadily sit up, we’d set them in the child seat in the front of the cart.  Just put two legs through one hole when the average sized shopping carts were the only ones available  This trick worked wonderfully (and got a lot of attention, ha!) until they were about 3.5 years old.  This one really just depends on how big your kids are.

Lastly, when possible, use the extra large “Costco” sized carts or the carts that are at most major whole-sale retailers.  The key is to park near a Cart Return Station so you don’t have to carry two kids all the way across a parking lot.

Make sure you have some sort of cover for your babies:

Keeping your babies covered at times is crucial.  Having a nice car seat cover works wonders if your babies are sleeping. There can be a lot of stimulation going on, or people are just plain nosey. We know, ya need to get stuff done!  How often people stop to gawk at a baby, let alone two? This alone shopping trip take that much longer.

MOM Hooks are Awesome Inventions:

MOM Hooks are AMAZING!!!  They are useful for keeping your hands free of shopping bags, but can also be helpful in hooking a shopping basket to your stroller handles, rendering a cart unnecessary for smaller shopping trips.

Pack a diaper bag, and double check it:

This may sound silly, but a diaper bag can be easy to forget.  Do you know how many times we’ve left the house without car keys?  Or gotten to a store, in the checkout line to discover that our wallet was in a different bag?  Double check that you have this with you at all times, you don’t want to be without your essentials when that blowout happens.  Check out our list of diaper bag essentials here!

Create a List:  

When you are a new twin mom, you want to be efficient with your time while running errands.  It seems that motherhood messes with your memory, which means lists become your new best friend!  We tried to never leave home without our shopping lists written out or on our phones so that our errands could be as quick and efficient as possible.  Little ones aren’t patient enough to wait for you to leisurely wander the aisles of Target anymore!

Timing is Everything:

This is the most important thing to remember. Set yourself up for success! Don’t cut yourself short on time. It won’t workout the way you want it to.  Leave the house right after your kiddos have napped and have been fed.  Avoid the times where they seem to be constantly fussy. Finding that sweet spot that will make running errands as a new twin mom a breeze! 

how to survive outings with twins alone

Keep it Short:

Last, but not least, keep it short! Don’t over plan your outings.  Plan your week in advance so you don’t feel like you have to run all of your errands in one day. 

You will start getting the hang of outings when you’re alone and will eventually be able to add more stops. Some days you will crush it, accomplishing what you need to.  Others, well…not so much. That’s parenting for ya! No matter how old your twins get, life happens. The shorter you can keep your outings with twins, the more success you will find.

Hold Your Head High:

Have some swagger. You are keeping tiny humans alive.  It’s a tough thing to do!  You’re doing a great job.  Smile when people stare at you because they are in awe of the fact that you are Wonder Woman!

Remember, we are in this together. To this day, if we see another mom of multiples at the store, we always stop give her props! Know that you aren’t alone and new moms all over the world are learning to navigate this crazy journey too!

Let us know how it goes……share your experiences, funny stories and success in the comments below!