Twin Pregnancy

How to Survive Working While Pregnant with Twins

Let’s talk about the ultimate challenge for a minute. . .

Raise your hand if you are currently working or ever have been working while pregnant.

Oh. . . the swelling.

The bloat.

And the back pain.

Having to sit in a meeting when a wave of nausea hits can make everyone in the room feel a little uneasy.

We get it.

Everyone tends to have a unique experience when it comes to pregnancy. Some love it, some can’t stand it and some seem to fall somewhere in between “I love my voluptuous and perky new boobs, but I can’t wait until the gas and nausea subside”!

Wherever you may fall, one thing is for sure, learning how to navigate life as a working professional all while growing a tiny human, possibly two simultaneously, is undoubtedly a major challenge.

How Can A Woman Survive Working WHILE Pregnant with Twins?

Nourish and Hydrate:

This should sound obvious, but pregnancy brain is REAL.  The stellar memory you once took pride in is now off of the table.  If there are only TWO things a pregnant women needs while working, they are SNACKS AND WATER. Pack what you think you’ll need, then pack some more. When you are growing two humans, you will be shocked at the number of calories your body will require. There will be times when you eat like a bird and other times when your appetite is insatiable.  While it is important to satisfy your crazy pregnancy cravings at times, try to bring snacks to work that are healthy and nutritious.  Need snack inspiration? Here is one of our favorites to try!

We know everyone tells you to drink plenty of water when you are pregnant, and it seems like an easy thing to remember.  However, while you are busy at work,  things come up and sometimes it’s the basic essentials that go by the wayside.

Remember pregnancy brain, we talked about it above?  In case you forgot, we’ll remind you about it again.  YOU WILL FORGET MOST EVERYTHING, which means it is very possible that you will forget to meet your basic needs.  So do yourself a favor, pack extra water or even bring a few large jugs to the office at the beginning of the week so you always have water on hand.  Consider keeping a tally on your desk so that you can monitor your daily water intake at work.  When you write things down you are twice as likely to make them happen!

Communicate With Your A-Team:

Who is on your A-Team? Anyone that needs to know and understand your situation so that you don’t lose your job.  You will likely have to suddenly dart out in the middle of an important meeting a time or two or maybe you need to find someone to cover your classroom so that you can pee 6 times in an hour. The folks who will step in and cover your ass are your A team.

Now we know you can’t and might not want to tell the world that you are pregnant right away, privacy is golden. But there are a few people that will need to know what’s up even before you are ready to make your announcement to the whole world.   Seek them out and let them in on your special secret.  Doing so will make your life while working and pregnant that much easier.

Put Your Feet UP and REST:

As former teachers, we were on our feet all day while we were working and pregnant. By lunchtime, the feet were achy and our backs were screaming at us to sit down. Do yourself a favor.  MAKE time to put your feet up during your work day, at least a few times each day.  This again is where it is important to communicate your pregnancy to your A-Team.  Being in tune with your body is key when you are working and pregnant, so as not to overdo.  Take time to rest, put your feet up and regroup so that you can successfully make it through each day.  A quick 15-minute power nap at your desk will make all the difference in the world.  Your body, your back and your feet with THANK YOU!

Create a Pregnancy Emergency Kit:

One thing is for sure, when a pregnancy disaster strikes, you want reinforcements readily available. You will need them and you need them NOW in those moments of desperation.  When nausea hits you unexpectedly in the middle of an important presentation, be sure to have whatever settles your stomach at an arm’s length.  Ginger chews and Preggy Pops were seriously lifesavers during our pregnancies.  Having this peppermint essential nearby to roll-on your wrists and smell during sudden waves of unbearable nausea was truly a life saver.  Or maybe your boobs and belly get super itchy because, well, they are growing at the rate of water balloons, so be ready to lather yourself in this amazing belly butter to help cut down on the itching. Whatever it may be, keep it all close by.  As a working mom, you want to quickly be able to soothe your pregnancy discomforts and get back to focusing on your job.

Take Care of Your Back

As the belly grows, the strain on your bag may begin to take its toll.  Being on your feet for hours a day won’t help the discomfort you feel in your back.  Do yourself a favor and invest in a maternity belt to help hold up the belly and support your back.   We understand that this baby doesn’t make the greatest fashion statement, but it hides pretty well under your clothes.  Speaking from experience due to spending many hours on our feet while pregnant, a maternity belt is a must-have for the working mom.

Be Realistic

Working, making dinners 5 nights a week, and putting in long hours each day is admirable, but truly mama, it will start to take a toll on you, both mentally and physically when you are working and pregnant.  Maintaining a healthy pregnancy relies partly on you and your ability to know when to say enough is enough.  Talk to your doctor about your lifestyle as a working professional and ask if they recommend that you make any modifications to that while you are pregnant.

There will be days where you aren’t sure you will make it until the end, but you will be surprised at your ability to power through.  Your strength shines through in your toughest of moments.  Take care of yourself and rely on those around you because your focus needs to be on taking care of your body for the well being of those babies!

Calling all mamas out there who have worked through pregnancy.  Share your tips with us in the comments below.