Ideas for Mess-Free Easter Egg Decorating

This post is sponsored by Happy Egg Co; all photography and opinions are our own.

Do you love the tradition of decorating Easter eggs but feel like switching it up this year?  You won’t have to take the fun out of decorating Easter eggs just to make this year mess free! Get your creative juices be flowing and know that your clean up will be a breeze!

Happy Egg Co. introduced their Heritage Breed this Spring and this fits perfectly for Easter egg decorating. With the unique coloring of the eggs, thanks to the different breeds that lay them, your eggs are sure to turn out beautiful.

Did we mention after you decorate your eggs they can also be used as part of your Easter brunch tablescape?

An even bigger win for us is the snacking opportunity that we have post decorating…who doesn’t love a hard boiled egg with a protein-packed, rich and creamy taste!

Forget about your hands and countertops smelling like vinegar, this year, egg decorating is getting a makeover.

Gather Supplies:

Head on down to your basement and gather permanent markers, googly eyes, stickers….really anything that you can round up from your art supply bin. While you are at it, get those creative juices flowing. Do your kids love monsters? Markers are an easy way to create silly faces! Are they obsessed with Emojis? What do you have in that bin to recreate their favorite?

Anything that sticks, draws or glues is great for mess-free Easter egg decorating.  We decided to keep it simple and use permanent markers, googly eyes, washi tape and some left over scrapbooking stickers to create a unique yet beautifully decorated Easter egg from the Happy Egg Co, blue and chocolate brown Heritage Breed eggs.

Set Up:

Since this is a mess-free project, you don’t need to lay paper down over your countertops or wear rubber gloves to keep the dye off of your hands. Simply plug in your hot glue gun, set out all of the art supplies and get those eggs out to decorate.  We boiled the eggs the night before in our instapot to save time. Easy peasy!

Art Skills Not Required:

You don’t need to be Van Gogh to create these Easter eggs. We simply got out the markers, hot glue gun (for the googly eyes), washi tape and other scrapbooking materials and started playing around. Simply put on some music, chat with your kids and get to decorating! Creating our mess-free Easter eggs (even the photography) took us less than 10 minutes.  Who knew our kids were going to love using Washi tape?

The Finished Masterpiece:

When you are finished decorating your eggs, don’t forget to put them out on display! These Heritage Eggs make for a great tablescape decoration. You can even use these as place cards for seating at your table too! We will be lucky if these make our tablescape because they are so delicious. The yolk has a rich and creamy taste that is awesome! These are a new favorite amongst our households.

With some simple supplies and these unique eggs, the world is your oyster.  Have fun, get creative, and let your inner artist free. You can’t go wrong with these mess-free decorated Easter Eggs.  Want to snag these eggs and give them a try? Head to your local store to grab your carton of Heritage Breed eggs. What are you waiting for? Hop to it.