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Meet Meghan

Meet Meghan

Want to know a little bit about me? I am an energetic mama of toddler twin boys whom arrived in August, 2015. My husband and I live in Fort Collins with our black lab, Cash. Before the boys arrived, our family could be found somewhere in the mountains either snowboarding or camping. Life looks a bit different now since they have arrived, but our adventures are only getting better as a family of four! Being a mom is the most challenging, chaotic and rewarding role I have ever stepped into.  Each day with my little guys is an experience, and I am so happy to share the journey with you!

Married to: Matt

Drink of Choice: I love red wine or an ice cold glass of savignon blanc in the summer!  My new favorite beer is Pliny the Elder. Coffee in the early mornings is a MUST!

Ski or Snowboard: Snowboard

Coffee Shop Drink: Iced Americano

Dogs or Cats: Dogs

Guilty Pleasure: Watching The Bachelor, Scandal, This is Us and college football.

Person Who Would Play You in a Life Time Original Movie: Leslie Mann, Christina Applegate or Oprah

I Heart: Watching my husband be a dad to our kiddos.  Especially when he wears “dad shorts”.  Yup, those are a real thing folks!

Piece of Advice for Other Twin Moms: Accept help and don’t be afraid to ask for it either!

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