Motherhood: The Hardest Job on the Planet

motherhood the toughest job on the planetSome days in motherhood, I feel like I’ve got it all together. Double diaper changes…nailed it! Snagged one kiddo mid-air before he flew off the couch while simultaneously stopping the other from going for a swim in the dog bowl!

On those days, I feel like SUPERMOM!

Then there are the days when I can’t seem to keep up.  It feels like a kid is constantly screaming, I am up to my elbows in dirty diapers and boogery noses. I secretly stare at the clock wondering if it’s too early for nap time….or a cocktail.

A mother’s job is NOT easy, whether you are working, staying home with the kids or some combination of the two.   Becoming a mother was a huge adjustment for me and my decision to stay at home full-time rocked me to the core!

The thing is, motherhood is a beautiful blessing and the most fulfilling role I have taken on in my life. This new job, however, causes me to constantly second guess myself or wonder if I am doing it right. Some days I have to dig deep, way down into my soul, and trust that I am doing my absolute best, which is all that really counts.

I feel incredibly lucky that I get to experience the day to day joys of being a mom…first words, giggles and snuggles all around!  

On occasion, and I feel guilty even admitting this, I long for the days when I went to work and could separate my job from home life.  Having meetings with adults, rather than having to deal with screaming children trying to break into the bathroom, at times seems like paradise!

Actually, now that I think about it, I can’t remember the last time I went to the bathroom solo.

But that’s the beauty of motherhood right? The give-and-take.

I wanted so badly to be a mom.  After years of infertility, we finally have a our little family.  I am fortunate that I can stay home with the boys, but I’d be lying if I said that everyday is filled with unicorns and rainbows.   The truth is that some days will eat you up and spit you right back out.  

That’s the cold hard truth.

There are days when my husband comes home from work and with one look into my eyes, knows that my tank is empty. I have these days, not too frequently, but I do. I love the time that I get to spend with my twins, to watch them meet developmental milestones, hear them giggle and discover new words to use with each other.

But there are times when I am up to my knees in kid poop, smothered in food stains with two kids running around my ankles.  In those moments,  I am just hoping that I make it to nap time in order to regroup and put everything in perspective.

You see, mothers are all alike in some way, learning to navigate the challenges and joys of motherhood.  I feel like nowadays moms raising little ones are constantly being judged for every decision: what you feed their kids, how you speak to them and what extracurricular activities you enroll them in.

I believe that it doesn’t matter if your kids eat vegan or are formula-fed, do gymnastics or can count to 1,000 by the age of 3.  What matters in my heart is that we all do our damn best each and every day.  If I can raise two kind, caring little boys that have a good moral compass and love living life…then I have done my job!

Becoming a mom has been the most humbling and rewarding experience.

The job description changes with each new phase.  I try out other parents’ ideas because newsflash…I don’t know everything.  What I do know is that I have to learn on the fly and I’ll accept help anytime…and will do it with open arms.

Motherhood will bring you to tears multiple times a day, mostly happy tears.   You will desperately wish that you could stop time as you experience the magic of kids growing into wonderful human beings.  It can also leave you exhausted, overwhelmed and second-guessing your own abilities.

When you pass by another mama clearly struggling to gather her kids at the park or one who is managing a tantrum at the grocery store, cut her some slack will ya?  Bury the judgement.  Give her a pat on the back or at least a glance that says, “I’ve got you!”  

Being a parent is tough stuff.  We all need to stick together regardless of the choices you make for your family.  We don’t know which mama is having a tough day on the job and which mama is killin’ it that day.  All we know is she’s doin’ the best she can and to me that’s pretty damn wonderful!

So tell me mama….what is the best thing about motherhood?

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  • Really love this post! My favorite part of motherhood is seeing everything through my kids eyes. It makes you appreciate the little aspects of life so much more.

    • Thank you Jehava. Seeing the world as our children do really gives you a whole new appreciation for life! The innocence of children is truly moving.

    • Amen Charissa! That is our most favorite part of motherhood! Each stage is amazing in it’s own way!

    • Hey there Vicki! We couldn’t agree with you more…..thank goodness for our village to get us through the tough times!

    • Thank you so much Hanna! That means the world to us and we are so glad that you could relate. Thanks for being here.

  • There are some days I feel similarly… I am grateful for my children, and generally love the time I spend with them. Especially after losing my middle son, I often feel guilty on the rough days when I think I’m not being ‘grateful’ enough, or enjoying them enough. But you’re right, it’s a tough, tough job to be a mom, and it’s not always going to feel perfect. And that’s ok.

    • Hey there Kate! We are so sorry for your loss. Motherhood is a beautiful gift, but that doesn’t mean that we aren’t allowed to have our moments. We love your blog!

  • Gah… it’s so tough! I love the days I feel like supermom, but they don;t happen often enough! I find it tough when I have things I really want to do for me, because they don;t get done and yet I still end up feeling guilty for trying!

    • Oh Katherine….isn’t that the truth! Finding a way to take care of ourselves feels impossible without immense guilt, but it is so important! We are our toughest critics…if we asked our kids, they’d almost always say were supermamas EVERDAY!

  • This is so true. There are some days where I feel like I am awesome, and other days not so much. My favorite part of motherhood is watching my girls play together, and love on one another,

    • Hey there Danielle…that is one of our favorite parts of motherhood too. The relationship our children have is magical. Although some days are tough, it’s sure nice know that we aren’t alone.

    • Yay! Congrats to you Neely…welcome to the club. It’s not all rainbows and unicorns, but trust us mama, motherhood is absolutely spectacular!

  • I feel the same way! I think I used to have this expectation that I was going to love every minute of motherhood. But understanding that I do get worn out and do need a break has really helped me to maintain better balance.

    • We are all in this together mama! Being a mom is a wonderful job, but it sure is a tough one! Keep being awesome!

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