Multiples Illuminated: THE Book All Parents of Multiples Must Read

Megan and Alison found our blog and asked us to read their new book and write an honest review. They were generous enough to give us a free PDF copy of this book.  We are not being compensated for our review of this book.

Finally, a book that gets us!

We wish we had a resource like this to read when we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of our twin babies.

Multiples Illuminated is a must read for all parents expecting multiples, parents currently raising multiples and even relatives of multiples.  

MULTIPLES ILLUMINATEDIt gives you an inside look at what dealing with infertility, being pregnant, birthing and parenting is ACTUALLY like with multiple babies!  

Megan Woolsey and Alison Lee hit the nail on the head with this one!  What a wonderful compilation of stories and advice from real parents of multiples, each with a unique perspective about what life is really like with a grip of babies.

We were laughing to out loud and at times tearing up while reading these heartfelt stories.  When you are a new twin parent, relating to other parents (of singletons) can be challenging because they don’t always understand what the additional challenge (ehem, more than one baby at a time) means for your situation.

Multiples Illuminated made us feel understood and appreciated.  We felt a connection to the parents in this book that made us feel less alone in this journey as parents of multiples.

Their personal stories, their struggles and their celebrations have been moments in our own journey that weren’t always easy to share with our other mom friends, because let’s face it, being a parent of multiples is a unique experience.

Briton Underwood’s excerpt from Multiples Illuminated about the unsolicited commentary you get when out in public with twins was hilarious.  It’s one of those stories that will make you spit out your wine as you’re reading it.  He verbalized all of the things we discuss with our spouses every time we leave a store.

He amuses us with, “Two years into raising twins, I’m used to it.  I am  used to the people who know someone who knew someone whose brother had twins.  I’m used to people’s need to know which one is older or whether or not they are identical.  I am used to, when I say they aren’t identical, being met with, “Well they look identical to me!”  That doesn’t make them identical, but I am not going to explain to you the differences because, frankly, I fell prey doing that too many times when they were newborns.  Know, the cereal aisle is not the proper place for a lesson in biology.”

Multiples Illuminated gives me solace in knowing that I am not alone in this crazy world of parenting multiples; I am part of a mommy club! Click To Tweet

These stories really tell it like it is.  As new twin parents, we wish we had the low down from moms who didn’t sugar coat what being pregnant and raising twins REALLY is like. Thank you Megan and Alison for putting together Multiples Illuminated, a book that is equally as enjoyable as it is useful, relatable, and REAL!

Join us in our love and appreciation for this book by heading on over to buy the book at Amazon (Paperback and Kindle, iBooks, Barnes & Noble (Nook) or Kobo.

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