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The Ultimate List of New Mom SWAG To Take Home From the Hospital

new mom swag to take from the hospital

Are you pregnant with twins and trying to prepare for the whirlwind that’s about to hit?

We totally get it. We did too!

The nesting.

The organizing.

The purging of junk.

And then, more nesting. Let’s be real here, at the end of our pregnancies our husbands were making 4 trips a day to Target for plastic tubs for…


We packed our hospital bags in case of an unexpected early delivery because one can never be too prepared right?

Once your twins arrive and you are holding them in your arms, your heart will burst!


Literally, you won’t know this type of love existed!

And just like that you’re a new parent with the overwhelming responsibility of feeding your babies and diaper changes galore!

Did we mention double the diaper changes?

We won’t be the first to tell you, but mama, bring an extra (empty) bag to the hospital because you will want to fill it with some fabulous hospital SWAG!

In reality, the hospital is going to charge you for each day of your stay AND the “miscellaneous materials” you consume, whether you actually use them or not.

Meghan was even advised by one of her hospital nurses to take what she could each day because they’d be paying for it no matter what! (If it makes ya feel any better).

The Ultimate List of New Mom SWAG to Take Home from the Hospital:


Stock. Up. Like, really stock up! Take the most you can and store them in a bag each day. The nurses will come and replenish your supply as your stock diminishes…then take more.
You might have a ton waiting for you back at home.

Maybe you even had a diaper shower and can’t possibly store any more at home, but STILL take them! Trust us, your babies won’t be potty trained in 2 months and you can use every little diaper at that age. On average babies use 10 or so diapers a day….and you have two of them, which adds up quickly!

Bed Pan:

Sounds gross, we know!

Well this comes in handy for the late nights when you are feeding or pumping and needing to soak bottles. Have it set in the bathroom nearest your nursery, this way you aren’t running to and from the kitchen during some insane hour of the night to clean bottles and pump parts. They will be ready to sanitize in the am, free of nasty milk crust!

Puke Buckets:

These are amazing! Gross, but amazing!

We snagged 3.

We used them on the regular for warming bottles. We would simply place them under the Keurig Coffee Machine and hit the warm water button. The water comes out the perfect temp and the bottles are warm in a few!

They also make great cups for the tub to rinse your wee ones!

Feminine Products:

Ask the nurses for a plethora of disposable undies and the necessary feminine products to go with them. They seriously will save you from blazing through your nice undies postpartum.

Pump Parts:

Stock up on extra pump parts that the nurses and lactation consultants bring to your room. More importantly have your lactation consultant fit you to be sure you are using RIGHT SIZE phalanges!

Your boobs will be HUGE once your milk comes in and you’d be surprised the size your nipples become. So treat your tatas right…get properly fitted. Your nipples and your pump will thank you!


If you pump, decide to formula feed or end up needing to supplement, the hospital will provide you with individual 2 oz. bottles and formula. The will have several nipples shapes to choose from as well so you can easily find what your babies prefer.

If you supplement in the hospital and it works well for your babies, ask the nurses for extra formula. They will bring you extra and make sure you go home with a stocked supply!

At the end of the day, it may feel odd stashing extra supplies in your bag while in the hospital. You might not need it all, but take it mama!

You can always generously gift to your expecting friends later later. More often than not, this stuff WILL come in handy somewhere in your new life with twins. So many friends gave us this advice and we thought, “yeah right, no way I’ll need all of it.”

Well folks, we took their advice and we used every last piece of swag! Remember, you will pay for it anyways, might as well stock up and start off on the right foot. These items also help ease the transition from your hospital routine to surviving on your own at home with your new babes.

Tell us mamas, is there something we forgot? What is your favorite swag that you got from the hospital?

Chat with us in the comments below!