Our Favorite Budget-Friendly Baby Products for New Moms (Under $10)

This is a sponsored post written by us on behalf of Sposie Booster Pads, the number one brand in diaper doublers. All opinions are entirely our own.” 

Preparing to welcome babies into your family can be expensive, with all the gear and gadgets that babies require.  Yes, there is a lot to put on your shopping list and even more products to choose from on the market today, which is why we thought we’d give you a list of our favorite budget-friendly baby products (absolutely can’t live without them) to help ease some of your baby prep anxieties.

We live in a time where baby essentials have really upped their game! There are so many cool gadgets and gizmos that will solve just about any challenge that arises with your babies.


The downside of such an inventive baby market is that sometimes you end up with things items that are overpriced and not really necessary all because they look and sound awesome but you might not ever use them.

Don’t fret, we wouldn’t let that happen to you!  With the short list of our favorite budget-friendly baby products, you will have some awesome essentials that won’t break the bank and will get you through some sticky situations that your babies throw at you!

Our 10 Favorite Budget-Friendly Baby Products for Under $10:


Baby Bum Diaper Cream Brush:

Babies require a ton of diaper changes and with twins, you are changing diapers even more.  This little gadget is super cheap ($6.99), easy to clean, makes your diaper changing a lot less messy and A LOT more sanitary. This Little spatula lets you smear butt cream on your babies without getting your hands dirty. With a little suction cup base, these easily stand on the changing table while you finish the diaper change, keeping germs right where they belong. They are so cheap, you can afford to buy one for each baby to keep things sanitary. Now that’s a handy gadget new moms MUST HAVE!

Nose Freida:

Ok, we know, this baby is a little over $10 ($15.99 to be exact), but this is a budget-friendly baby productthat we couldn’t let you go without it. Some will gag and say it’s gross until you have a child with a nasty cold. You’ll want this gadget sucking the boogers out of tour babies’ noses so they can breathe again, allowing you to relax because they aren’t so fussy. Meghan didn’t even know what this was until she got pregnant. Even then, it seemed to make her shake my head. Nowadays if that sucker is missing while her kids are sick, it’s a code red until she finds it.

Dr. Brown’s Formula Pitcher:

If you are considering using formula at any point, or even if you aren’t sure yet, this is a great budget friendly investment (it’s only $9.29) that you will use EVERY SINGLE DAY! Instead of mixing formula at each meal, make a giant pitcher and have those bottles prepped and ready for your day!

Mixie Bottles:

Speaking of formula feeding, this is the best bottle (only $11.99 for a 4 oz bottle) on the market for feeding babies on-the-go. Before you leave the house these bottles allow you to pre-measure your formula and water, as well as keeping them separate until you are ready to mix them up.  When you are ready to feed, simply press the button on the bottom of the bottle and shake!  Boom…fresh bottles are ready in seconds which means no more messy mixing at the park or on a playdate.

Sposie Diaper Pads:

These diaper doublers are one of our most favorite budget-friendly baby products because they let you get more usage out of your everyday diaper! Who knew that such a simple pad could turn any diaper into an overnight diaper by “doubling” the capacity of your child’s diaper adding up to 8 fl. oz. of absorbency.  These babies are available at Walmart, Target, and Amazon at a great price ($6.99 for 30 count) which saves you the money and hassle of buying separate night time diapers.

Simply place the Sposie insert into your everyday diaper or pull-ups and you’ve got yourself a great solution for heavy wetters. For a girl, just leave the insert in the middle of the diaper. For a boy, pull it to the front. Sposie Diaper Booster Pads is designed to work with all brands of baby diapers, sizes or types of diapers, including cloth diapers.

We love Sposie because they are universal, perfect for overnights, naps, or travel!  Even as moms with kids out of diapers, Sposie has come in handy for night time potty training, so keep these in mind when your kids get to that age!

Name Bubbles:

If you are organized and you like labels (um, hello, what twin mom doesn’t like labels), then this product will be your new obsession! Name Bubbles are customizable and are a great way to label anything for your children when they have playdates, go to daycare or school, go on playdates, travel with you, go camping, etc.  You will easily be able to identify your stuff and who it belongs to! These stickers are durable enough to outlast the washing machine, dishwasher, and freezer.  With stickers starting at $9.98, you can customize stickers for any occasion with their large library of designs and colors.  We each have purchased multiple sets to use with our twins and love how they have held up over the years!

Nibbleit Baby Teething Mit:

One of the most challenging things for parents with babies is TEETHING!  As parents, it is excruciating to watch your child in pain and not be able to do much about it.  The Nibbleit Baby Teething Mitten is only $8.99 and allows your baby to self-soothe their teething pain.  With these handy gadgets, babies won’t scratch themselves or pick things off the floor to gnaw on.

Stroller Hooks:

Mom’s notoriously have their hands full, especially twin moms.  Think for a moment about taking two babies into the grocery store to get your shopping done.  It can be challenging to get any shopping accomplished with babies in tow, which is why we LOVE stroller hooks.  You can get a set of two for $10.89, giving you an extra space to hook a basket or diaper bag too.  These are a must have for every mom out there!

BogginHead Sippigrip:

Long gone are the days where frustrated parents are picking things up off of the floor while trying to enjoy a meal or a lose a cup while going for a walk in the park.  Babies and toddlers LOVE to intentionally throw things on the floor, subsequently getting lost or dirty.  This handy strap will keep sippy cups, toys and bottles from hitting the ground repeatedly.  Trust us, this $6.99 investment is worth it for every parent and their sanity.

Munchkin Squeeze Baby Food Spoon:

Feeding a baby as they begin solids is a very messy adventure.  We are all about the gadgets that simplify that process and makes mealtime slightly less messy.  With twins, we LOVED this easy squeeze spoon because it allowed us to easily feed both babies AT THE SAME TIME with very little mess.  These handy gadgets are every twin parents dream while feeding two at the same time.


There is no reason why having babies should break the bank with so many budget-friendly baby products on the market today.  Often parents expecting twins are worried about having to invest in double the gear, and while that is true in some cases, so many things that you’ll really only need one of.  So when you do need to snag two of something, snag the ones that won’t hurt your wallet, like our favorites above!  Let us know what some of your $10 baby favorites are. We’d love to hear what else you love and use.