Preparing for Twins

Our New Parenting Book for TWIN Parents

We are still pinching ourselves over here.  We published a new PARENTING BOOK just for twin parents!

Wondering if we are going to wake up and realize that we were just taking a nap with our twins.

Could this be true? Did we really check an item off of our bucket list that we have been dreaming of since we started this blog?

With a lot of hard work, our dreams turned into reality!

Before we began our blogging journey, we set out with the intention to write a book someday that would take a truthful & comical walk through our infertility journeys.  We set that dream aside and launched the blog the day Meghan’s twins were born. If you’ve been following along, we hope you find yourselves in a supportive community and find the resources you need!

So what about this book? It came about in an unusual way, to say the least.

And then there was…

An email.

A 5 a.m. flight to LA for a conference.

A phone interview (post-flight) with the publisher at 7 a.m. in the Southwest terminal under construction at LAX.

Suddenly the time we were spending at the conference had a new focus…landing a book deal.

One week later, we were husltin’ and making our dreams come true.

Thank you to our community of readers at Two Came True.  Because of the thoughtful conversations we have with you here, on Facebook and Instagram we were able to put our heads together and gather the information expectant and new twin parents want to know!

This book, our labor of love, You Can Two: The Essential Twins Preparation Guide is everything that we hoped it would be. If you are an expectant twin parent or if your twins are fresh out of the oven, this book was written just for you!

It’s a candid and supportive look into those early days parenting twins.  It’s the breath of fresh that you’ve been looking for!

We intentionally filled these pages with practical strategies, tried-and-true recommendations and helpful tips from professionals. There are even encouraging anecdotes from other twin parents that have been there as well!

It is our hope that in reading this book while you are awaiting the arrival of your twins or navigating those early days, that we have armed you with what you need to feel good, feel reassured, and feel supported!

This book will brush away your fears and anxieties about twin parenthood and set you up to thrive from the very beginning.