Twin Pregnancy

Pregnant With Twins: 12 Things You May Encounter During Your Twin Pregnancy

Pregnancy, while natural and beautiful, is a wild ride.

For those of you who have already experienced pregnancy with a single baby, congratulations. You’ve got a head start and understand the craziness your body goes through for 9 months.  

For those of you who just learned that you are in fact pregnant with two, we’re glad you’re here! We are reaching through the screen giving you a virtual high five! You’ve got this!

We wrote this post, not to get your maternity pants in a wad, but to educate you as you enter twin pregnancy with adequate expectations.  There is great power in knowing what you could experience over the next several months of your life while you are pregnant with twins.  Want us to be with your every step of the way? Grab a copy of our book to help you get through your pregnancy and the first 6 months with your twin babies.

Each and every twin pregnancy is different, and not every one of these experiences happened to each of us. In addition to our own experiences, we gathered all of the possibilities we could from the twin parents that we work with and know.

What to Expect While Pregnant With Twins:

Doctor’s appointments galore  

You will be visiting the doctor at least every two weeks for the majority of your pregnancy.  Depending on your twin pregnancy, you might visit a high-risk specialist or other specialists if your circumstance requires it.

Morning sickness

Morning sickness is more likely to occur and can be more intense than a singleton pregnancy.  Your body is dealing with double the hormones, which means that you might experience pregnancy symptoms more intensely.  While it doesn’t happen to everyone and will be different for everyone if it does occur, we want you to be warned! One of us was sick the entire pregnancy whereas the other didn’t experience much at all.  Again, every pregnancy is unique.

You will most likely be labeled high-risk when you’re pregnant with twins.

It doesn’t matter how young and healthy you are, carrying two babies inherently has more risks than carrying one.  Your doctor already has a protocol in place for these trickier pregnancies. Don’t assume because you are labeled high-risk that something will go wrong.  Follow your doctor’s guidance and never hesitate to call your doctor with concerns, as small as they may seem.

You will get to know the ultrasound technicians by first name.  

Due to the more complicated nature of twin pregnancy, you will have more ultrasound appointments to keep a close eye on the growth and development of your babies. This will land you in the doctor’s office more than usual. As repetitive as it is, at least you get to see your babies on the monitor often!

Your belly will grow quickly.  

Your uterus has to make more room to house two babies, which means that you will likely outgrow your regular clothes (hello maternity fashion) more quickly and start showing earlier than in a singleton pregnancy.  We both transitioned into maternity clothes by 8 weeks and had fairly large bellies by the end.  Let’s put it this way, we were both setting new records at our doctor’s offices for the largest fundal height. Want to see the progression week by week? Click here.T

There is a possibility that you may outgrow your maternity clothes towards the end.

 By the end of your pregnancy, well maybe even in the 3rd trimester, you may find some of your maternity clothes becoming too small. No, they likely didn’t shrink in the wash either.

Things with limited stretch (namely jeans) and limited length (t-shirts and such) may need to be replaced in the end.  When buying maternity clothes keep this in mind and maybe add an extra size up in your shopping cart to be extra sure. Or borrow some basics from your husband…haha!  Want a few ideas? Read this post about maternity wear.

Premature birth and low birth weight are risks of twin pregnancy.  

By no means are we trying to scare you, but we do think it is important that you are aware of potential complications so you can talk to your doctor and have a plan in place.

Your belly will become a hot topic to discuss when you’re pregnant with twins.

The number of times people commented on our oversized belly’s…well let’s just say it was constant.  Have some fun with the comments and don’t take people too seriously. Yes, you may look like you are giving birth tomorrow when you are only 30 weeks pregnant, you are growing two humans.  You made two, that basically classifies you as a badass!

The Pee Pee Dance

Being that you are growing two babies at once…without fail…one of those babies will park themselves on your bladder. And because they have little room to roam means that you’ll be hitting up the bathroom more than usual.

Dreaming of Names

You will be tasked to name two babies, not just one, which means that your list of possible names will be doubly long.  The other caveat to naming two babies means that twin parents are tasked with finding names that roll of the tongue well together (if you care about that kind of thing).

Gaining Weight IS Necessary

We all know that being pregnant and gaining weight go hand in hand.  On average, it is recommended that a woman pregnant with twins should gain about 35-45 pounds.  As always, we suggest discussing the specifics with your doctor but didn’t want you to be surprised when you heard the numbers.  Remember, it is about having healthy babies. Your body will change, but it is doing some pretty miraculous work! Be proud of what your body can do.

Delivery Can Look Very Different

Home birth, C-section, vaginal birth…find a plan that works for you and chat with your doctor to create a plan that you are comfortable with. Some women give birth to twins vaginally, without drugs or any medical intervention and some delivery by a planned c-section. Whatever the case may be, make sure you voice your wishes and also have a backup plan in the event that complications arise. Some doctors prefer to deliver twins in an operating room, even if you aren’t having a planned C-Section.  While this might not be how you imaged giving birth, it is nice to be prepared for all possible outcomes. While a twin delivery doesn’t have to look one specific way, it is nice to talk out your options with your health care provider ahead of time.

Your emotions will be all over the place. Just remember, you and your body are doing amazing work.  We believe that educating yourself is the best way to prepare for twin parenthood, which is why we created this online community.  As you make your way through this pregnancy, week by week, come back here, read up and ask questions. We are here for you!

Since each twin pregnancy is a vastly different, we want to hear from you.  What was your twin pregnancy like? Let us know in the comments below.