Preparing for Twins

Raising Twins Is Hard: So When Does It Get Easier?

raising twins is hard, when does it get easier

raising twins is hard: when does it get easier?When you stare at newborn twins, you notice that they are so cute and little.  

Then you stare at the mama raising twins…she is exhausted, slightly frazzled and preoccupied with her demanding schedule of motherly tasks.

Her hair is probably up in a messy bun, wearing leggings and some form of a v-neck…most likely without a bra!

Then you take a look at the toddler twin mom.  She survived the newborn phase and entered toddler-dom at lightning speed.  She is still in her leggings, but is now wearing sneakers and chasing her littles ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE.  

There are little ones running every which way, toys being chucked at heads, simultaneous meltdowns to manage and multiple diaper blowouts to clean.  

Raising twins is a beautiful reality…but a busy one, nonetheless.

Every experienced twin mom will tell you that it gets easier, maybe even promise you that it happens every 3 months or so.

But does it?

The simple answer, to be quite frank….NO

The more complicated answer?  Well, we wouldn’t necessarily say that it gets easier, we’d say that you’re now a mother, built with this amazing natural instinct, that will help you figure it all out.

You adapt. You find ways to manage and you overcome the challenges because you are strong!

It’s just like learning to ride a bike.  You start out with training wheels, probably a little battered and beaten, but with each passing day you improve until the day you take away the support and are off in the wind.  

When you are raising twins, the learning curve feels slightly steep.  You are tackling parenting “times” two with the same number of hands as everyone else.  You might even have additional kids in the family to raise other than your twins. That’s a lot of multitasking.

Once you feel like you have it all under control, you have to find a way to adapt to something new.  

You’ll long for the sleepy newborn stage when you’re keeping curious crawlers out of every cabinet in your kitchen.

The days of babbling toddlers will seem like a walk in the park when your twins are learning to communicate, beginning to assert themselves and challenge you.  

The sweet elementary years, when they still adore you, will seem like yesterday when you are anxiously waiting for your teenagers after a missed curfew!

You see…

Parenting ebbs and flows.  The saying goes, time flies and they grow up WAY too fast!  But, mamas, it’s not just a saying, it’s the damn truth.

Raising twins, or kids for that matter, may truly never get easier, but it is always a beautiful adventure! Your two little humans are every piece of wonderful that makes you so perfectly you.  You get to mold them, teach them how to be good people and how to appreciate the goodness in the world.  You are raising the future, and that is pretty amazing, regardless of how hard it may be.

Mama, you were made to do this.  From the moment you bring your twins home from the hospital to the day they go to college, you will take on incredible challenges.  With those challenges you  find great success and then move on to face the next. With each mountain you climb, you gain more confidence to tackle the next…that’s just what mothers do!

Just remember that you are part of the most amazing club in the world; you are not alone!  On the days when you aren’t sure you can quite hack it, know that that you have a village of moms right here with you. And on those days when you’re rocking this mom thing, we all want to celebrate that right alongside you!

As we like to say, “mommin’ ain’t easy”, which is exactly why you have this job!

So mamas let’s be a village for each other!

Share your successes, worries AND struggles with each other in the comments below!