Simple Tips for Twin Nursery Decor

When I found out I was having twin boys, I was over the moon.  If I could have punched through a wall like the Kool-Aid man in an 80’s commercial, I would have done just that!

Almost immediately, I started thinking about twin nursery decor that was simple, and cute, yet not over the top.  Just like with all things related to parenting, people found it necessary to give me opinions about what my twin nursery decor should include, and I quickly became overwhelmed with ideas.

Oh the ideas for potential nursery themes kept coming….and coming!

Heres one for you…create a farm theme and decorate their beds to look like peas in the pods!  Yes folks, that was a real suggestion from a lady I encountered in the baby aisle at Target.

When you have two babies and need to fit all of their gear into ONE space, you are forced to get uber creative.

As I began to wrap my head around what the boys’ room could look like, the one thing I knew was that I wanted to keep the paint colors neutral in case we needed to sell our house one day. We knew we weren’t going to be in that house for the long haul, and I didn’t want to have to repaint the room in order to put the house on the market.

With that being said, I chose simple white wainscoting and gray walls. I don’t really love decorating with themes, so instead of decorating with sports decals or zoo animals,  I chose to stick to a few simple colors and accent items that had special significance for our family.

Here you have it…my twin nursery decor in nutshell:

I wish I could have taken more pictures along the way, especially of the wainscoting process, as it was SO MUCH FUN to do!  More on that later.  *This post contains affiliate links.*

When envisioning this room I took into account the basic furniture that we needed when we brought home two babies: two cribs, ONE rocker, a changing station, bookshelves and storage. The room was pretty spacious, however, adding two cribs into the mix easily made the room feel quite small.

We placed the cribs on oppostite walls away from the window in the room.  We needed to fit a bookshelf,  a rocker and a changing station into this space, but we didn’t have enough walls for all of those large pieces of furniture.

My solution?

I removed out one of our closet doors to put our dresser and changing station inside of the closet.  The other half of the closet was left for clothes and laundry organization.

To make the changing station functional, I made sure to include a basket to house diapers, wipes and butt cream. With as many diapers as we were blazing through during the infant stage, a diaper pail quickly stinks up a room.  After a lot of research I landed on the Ubi diaper pail which really has kept the stink to a minimum.

We needed a creative storage solution for this area, so we used peg board to hang the rest the supplies in baskets.  We kept items like Aquafor, lotion and Burt’s Bee’s here.  We hung a night light that turned on with one touch. This was super handy during the late night feedings and diaper changes so could see without turning on big overhead lights or lamps.

Above the changing station we organized baskets full of extra diapers, swaddles and burp cloths.

With twins, you burn through this stuff quickly, so it’s nice to keep on hand in a place where they are easy to grab.

The other side of the closet was used to organize our laundry and hang baby clothes.  We bought Ikea Kallax bookshelves and popped out one of partitions to make room for two laundry baskets.   Having multiple laundry baskets is necessary with the amount of laundry twin babies go through!

The bookshelf is the Kallax by Ikea. These baskets can be found at Crate & Barrel and are super cheap!

I frequently scoured HomeGoods for twin nursery decor.  These cute book ends are one of my favorite finds!

These cute lettered blocks were created by my loved ones at a baby shower.  I saved them and tossed them in a vase for display.  Cute throw pillows and decor are fun to include in a nursery, but once your babies arrive they aren’t super functional….just food for thought while you plan your twin nursery.

We bought convertible cribs from Target, which grow with your kids overtime.  We picked out 3 sets of sheets that we rotate through. I loved these cribs sheets the most because they were so soft and felt like sleeping on a sweatshirt!

When it was time to choose art work, I decided to add pieces to the walls that carried meaning.  The frames are the RIBBA frames from Ikea, which I LOVED because are simple and cute, also very affordable!

The frame on the left contains and quote about parenting from my late grandmother. I typed her quote in a simple font and printed it out.  This super simple decor idea was my favorite thing in the nursery.  The frame on the right is a map of Cape Cod, another place that holds a sweet spot in my heart. I bought the piece of art work at  I added a piece of orange scrapbooking paper to make it art pop.

As Coloradans the mountains are a big part of our lives so I had to incorporate this cute print. I picked this up on Etsy, printed it out and framed it in the RIBBA frames again.  You can’t tell in this picture, but it says,

“Let them sleep for when they wake, they will move mountains!”

The picture on the right was from another Etsy digital print. This one has no meaning other than I thought it was super cute.  There you have it….easy and simple art work that personalized our twin nursery! Oh and check out this Colorado clock below. My husband found this online and put it up above the bedroom door.

As an inexperienced mom I added things into our nursery without fully understanding if they would actually be functional or safe.

Here are some things I learned after my twins arrived:

  1. I added another camping chair for my husband because he needed a place to sit when we were both in the room dealing with bedtime or late night feedings. It was easily collapsable and could be hidden behind the door when he wasn’t sitting in there with me.
  2. I dragged my Twin Z pillow upstairs a lot.  I kept it downstairs most of the day, but at bedtime, I needed another pillow in the nursery when my husband was back at work and I was feeding alone. If you get any Boppy hand me downs, keep those upstairs.
  3. Mini refrigerator: I added this the the nursery once I was home from the hospital.  I was pumping so often that I created a small little station upstairs to help keep the milk and bottles nearby. This went in my room, not the nursery, however was really a life saver!
  4. Digital Clock: Who knew… can’t see in the dark!  Knowing what time it was, and how long each baby was feeding was helpful in getting my twins on the same schedule.

There you have it….simple twin nursery decor in a nutshell.  You don’t need anything too over the top or fancy.  Cute and simple does the trick. We  moved to another city and have a whole new bedroom to decorate. I haven’t gotten very far other than painting a cool and bright accent wall!   So stay tuned for toddler bedroom updates if I ever get that going…ha!