Simplify Busy Mornings with Kids Using 3 Quick Tips

simplify busy morning with kids
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By nature, mornings are busy…crazy, busy!Simplify busy mornings with kids using 3 quick tips

Before kids, on busy mornings I had a hard enough time getting myself up and out of the house on time, looking semi put together.

Then 2 kids came along and I can appreciate all those moms who are constantly scrambling to get everyone out of the house looking like they’ve lost their minds!

While I was working, I found myself leaving my house frazzled and stressed, which wasn’t an ideal way to start my work day….and I wasn’t yet dragging my kids with me.

And then my boys started preschool and our mornings turned into a episode of Supermarket Sweep.  Kids were running in a million different directions, clothes flying through the air and a mom left with what looks like the aftermath of a large tsunami to deal with after bedtime.

This wasn’t any way to be rolling through each week, which is why I made some changes to how I managed busy mornings.

With 3 simple steps, I can now say that our mornings are mostly seamless and stress free!

So mamas, why wait….

Get Control of Your Busy Mornings with these 3 Simple Tips:

Get Prepared:

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but getting everything ready the night before is a major sanity savor for busy mornings.  Taking 5 minutes out of your evening, after the kids are in bed, to get lunches and backpacks packed, clothes laid out, and every set by the door will make your morning that much more streamlined.

Save your hot, homemade breakfasts for weekends to help simplify your busy mornings during the week. Ensure that your fridge is stocked with easy breakfast items like precut fruit, Canadian bacon, instant oatmeal or yogurt.  The less time you spend preparing breakfast for everyone, the smoother your mornings will go.

Baths are for Night:

Trying to have my kids bathe before school was a hot mess.  Therefore, now we only shower at night, leaving us a little extra time in the morning.  There was once a time where I was chasing my kids around the kitchen in an attempt to tame their crazy bedhead hair, only adding to the stress of my crazy morning.

I have recently discovered this amazing product for my boys that has helped me to tame the chaos in the morning.  I picked up the So Cozy HUSH collection (a dermatologist tested product to treat sensitive hair) at Target and started using it on my boys during their bath and while getting ready in the morning.

So Cozy is a kids hair-care product line that aims at creating products that have “no nasties ever”, meaning there aren’t any chemicals or preservatives in the products you would be putting in your kids hair.  So Cozy knows that raising kids is hard so dealing with their hair shouldn’t have to be.

I now have a go-to product that gets the job done quickly every time.  The HUSH line, consisting of the Sensitive Serum, Sensitive Styling Foam, the Sensitive 2-1 cleanser and the Sensitive Detangler (affiliate links)  are all formulated to calm the irritated scalps of my boys.

With their scalps being less sensitive and treated with such great natural, calming products, I am no longer having 20 minute long battles in the morning to get their hair under control and looking presentable.

Trust me when I say So Cozy’s HUSH line has changed my life and tamed my crazy mornings. The boys don’t mind me doing their hair and I’m happier not having the hassle of wrestling them to do it!

Get Up Before Your Kids:

While mornings can be one of the craziest parts of your day, it can also be the most peaceful.  Over time, I have begun getting up 30 minutes before the rest of my family.  There isn’t anything better than sitting in peace and quiet while the morning sun peeks through the windows with a cup of HOT coffee.

It’s peaceful,  serene.

And I’m not reheating my first cup of coffee over and over and over…

As soon as my family is up, my coffee gets set down, never to be found again until maybe midday, and noise fills the house. Having those few extra minutes to myself helps me set the tone for the day and be ready to tackle a full day of being a busy mom.

Don’t let your mornings be crazy and chaotic, only adding stress to your busy day.  Jump on the bandwagon and regain control so you and your family can enjoy productive and tame mornings together.

What is your secret to getting everyone out the door each morning without wanting to pull your hair out?

Share your creative ideas in the comments below!