The 10 Best Sleep Posts that Help Parents Survive the Newborn Stage

10 best sleep posts to help mom survive the newborn stage

Being tired because your newborn doesn’t sleep comes with the parenting territory.  The late night feedings, diaper changes and overall new parent exhaustion can make you feel like a walking zombie.  We often look back on those months in a haze.

Here are some of our favorite infant sleep posts we love for various reasons.  All of these moms found what works for them….and so should you!  With all things parenting, it isn’t a one size fits all approach.

So mamas, do what’s best for you and your kiddo.  We do hope these posts can give you some helpful tips to keep your little ones catching some more zzzz’s at night…oh and you too!

10 best sleep posts to help moms survive newborn stage

Kate at Sun Kissed Kate has some simple steps to getting your baby some sleep!

We loves these tips from Heather at The Mighty Moms Club about what to avoid when trying to teach your baby good sleep habits!

Rachel from A Mother Far From Home shares a wonderful newborn schedule that is on point!

We love the article about infant sleep from Katie at Clarks Condensed.  She sums up the basics quite nicely!

We can’t rave enough about Susie from Sleep Baby Love.  She will solve all of your baby’s sleep challenges with her amazing articles.  This infographic is one of our favorites however, don’t miss it!

Amy from Pregnant Chicken is a dear friend of ours and we LOVE everything about her, and her blog. She has a great post with gentle (no-cry) sleep training tips that you start TONIGHT!

Nina from Sleeping Should be easy is another blogger that we LOVE!  All of her articles are super helpful, but we survived off of her tips for establishing a nighttime routine.

Having some basic knowledge about how sleep develops in infants will help you troubleshoot issues that arise and get you and your family some more sleep.  Don’t miss our post about the basics of infant sleep.

After birth, babies are often confused by day and night, which makes life a little difficult for new parents.  We love this article from Rachel at A Mother Far From Home on how to fix that confusion in your new baby.

You are guaranteed to survive newborn sleep with these tips from Kasey Trenum.

Having a few tricks up your sleep will be your saving grace as a new mama.  At the time that our little ones were newborns, we struggled with the extreme sleep deprivation and were desperate to unlock the secret to getting our babies to sleep.  If you are a new mom with one, two or a gaggle of newborns, don’t miss these awesome posts from some of our favorite bloggers.

And be sure to check out the awesome sleep posts we have here at Two Came True.  We are always adding new content to help sleep deprived mamas!

What sleep tips have you found helpful as a mom with a newborn?  We want to hear from you!

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