The Busy Mom’s Guide to Self-Care: A 30 Journaling Challenge

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Mom’s are notoriously busy caring for their families.  Between school drop-offs, soccer practice, music lessons, playdates and numerous weekly trips to Target, there is little time left in the day for moms to give themselves any love.

That alone time, that time that moms can focus solely on themselves for even just a few minutes, is vitally important to helping them manage their busy lives.  So the question is, with a daily to-do list at least 10 miles long, can moms really get even 5 minutes to themselves every day to focus on self-care and recharge?

Our answer, YES!  We will be the first to tell you that making time every day to put ourselves first IS HARD TO DO, however it has become a priority.  In the past, we haven’t always found a way to make it work in our busy lives. The reality is that our families need the best possible version of us during their days, which means that we need to intentionally prioritize self-care as moms!

How Can Busy Moms Fit Self-Care In Their Day?

Become a Morning Person:

Before kids, our mornings looked different. Let’s just say they had a much slower pace.  Now we have come to appreciate our early mornings, even those few minutes before the chaos begins; hence our love affair with good coffee.  Recently we fell in love with 1850™ Brand coffee is a new premium coffee from the makers of Folgers because of its unique blend of ground coffee that delivers a bold, yet smooth taste.

Now, thanks to the rich taste and aroma from the fire-roasted beans, we are MOTIVATED to get up before the rest of our families are awake and spend a few minutes peacefully enjoying a HOT cup of coffee with the sunrise.  The best part is that 1850™ Brand coffee comes incomes in four signature blends of Ground and K-Cup coffee, including a delicious Black Gold Dark Roast, that you can pick up at any Alberston banner store.

Use Time Wisely

Is anyone else surprised by how much time a mom spends in the car?  Drop-off and pick-up at activities has us feeling a bit like Uber drivers.  After spending countless hours in the car, while we wait for soccer practice to end, we realized that those were moments we could use to recharge.  Which brings us to our newest obsession: podcasts & audiobooks.  Even listening for just a few moments, can recharge you like reading a few chapters in a physical book can!  Give it a try!  You might be surprised at how much you love this routine.

Challenge Yourself

Find a challenge that motivates you and find a friend to join you!  When you have a friend to work toward a goal, it can be incredibly motivating for both of you!  We have created a 30-day self-care challenge for busy moms.  Inspired by our routine of early rising and drinking a cup of 1850™ Brand coffee, we challenged ourselves to use those 5 quiet minutes to sit down and journal every day.  Journaling for 5 minutes every day has become a powerful way to keep track of ideas, set goals (and stick to them) as well as acknowledge our emotions (as moms they can be all over the map) and process them.

So grab a cup of joe and enlist a few of your friends to join you in a 30-day journaling challenge.  You can use our list of journaling prompts by printing off our handy PDF or come up with your own, either way, you may be surprised at how much you enjoy being up early in the mornings from now on.

Clear Your Head Before Bed

Those moments before you close your eyes and drift off to sleep can be some of the most stressful if you let them be.  Allow yourself to go through your day and even mentally prepare for the next.  Then turn it off and give your mind a mini-vacation.  There are many awesome meditation apps like Simple Habit or Head Space that offer wonderfully relaxing meditations that you can do in as little as 5 minutes while you lay down and clear your head.  Meditation before bed is a great and effective way to recharge as a mom!

It’s no surprise that every time you board a plane you hear, “put your oxygen mask on before assisting others”.  Now is the time to do just that.  Make self-care a priority for yourself TODAY and take just 5 minutes to focus on YOU!

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the busy mom's guide to self care: journaling challenge