Twin Pregnancy

The Do’s and Don’ts of Maternity Fashion While Pregnant with Twins

Dressing your baby bump can easily be one of the most enjoyable, yet challenging parts of pregnancy.  Now is the time to have some fun and experiment with your maternity fashion because pregnancy is short-lived, right?

Who said maternity fashion has to be all mumu’s? So not the case!

Maternity fashion doesn’t have to be frumpy.  Be yourself, try new outfits,  and maybe even go outside the box! Know that as your belly grows with two babies tucked inside, you can easily look fashionable and feel fabulous during this very exciting time in your life.


You will find that the way you feel about your bump will go through phases as it grows.  Women pregnant with twins typically are growing out of their wardrobe much earlier than singleton pregnancies, meaning that you may need to invest in maternity clothes earlier on.  Word to the wise here, the rubber band around your jeans trick might not cut it for all that long.  You also may find yourself sporting a cute round bump in the later weeks of your first trimester.

And then there’s this universal truth for moms pregnant with twins – you will look really pregnant, like “ready to deliver tomorrow” type pregnant, well before your anticipated due date.  With that being said, dressing a twin bump can prove to be an interesting venture for pregnant moms, but with a few quick maternity fashion tips, you will easily be able to pull great outfits together for the entire pregnancy!

The DO’s and DON’T’s of Maternity Fashion for Twin Moms:


Invest in a cotton maternity dress to wear during any season and learn to layer.  Get something that is easy to wash in a neutral color.  We would highly recommend a body-con style dress that you LOVE to hug your growing bump and accentuate your beautiful pregnancy curves.  These dresses, especially the body-con styles, can be easily dressed up, accessorized or layered, giving you a wild amount of outfits out of one piece.  One dress can easily have endless uses when you pair it with vests, jackets, kimonos, belts, knotted t-shirts or button-up shirts, or belts.

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Let’s be real here.  Mom’s pregnant with twins should most definitely NOT try to wear regular (non-maternity) pants longer than you need to. We were both wearing full-on maternity pants by 8 weeks. We tried our hardest to do the “button trick” and  stay hidden under a belly band and loose fitting shirts, but, well that caused more discomfort and hassle than it was worth. Do yourself a favor and invest early in a pair of affordable maternity pants, Nordstrom, Target, and H&M have some great affordable options!  If you can budget for a few pairs of pants, try investing in a nicer/dressier pair of jeans and a more distressed casual pair as well as a pair of leggings to give yourself some variety in your wardrobe while you are pregnant.


Set aside all of those wonderfully stylish, yet uncomfortable shoes. Who has time for sore, overly swollen feet when they are carrying the weight of TWO babies around all day? If you are pregnant in the summer, flip flops, flats, and loose strappy sandals are all great options.  Slides, mules, flats, or an ever so slight kitten heel work too! Booties are great options for fall or winter.  And don’t underestimate all of the great walking wear options that are in style these days!  Good, comfortable and supportive shoes are important and help make being on your feet while pregnant more manageable. So make wise choices for your feet ladies!

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Lose your confidence when someone makes obnoxious comments on the size of your big belly!  You will inevitably hear some rather insensitive things about your bump.  No kidding! You are carrying TWO tiny humans in there.  Most often people’s comments are coming from a good place, but just know that you look beautiful – own it!


Lean on friends for hand me downs! If you have a wedding to go to, try and borrow a fancy maternity dress rather than purchase something for one night. Or try accessorizing that cotton dress you have. Dress it up for baby showers, work, or even a wedding!


Expect your all of your 1st-trimester maternity wear to survive your entire pregnancy.  Yes, some moms can pull it off, but often women pregnant with twins who are in the last stretch of their pregnancy find that things like pants or snug-fitting tops won’t fit a belly that is carrying TWO babies late in pregnancy.  This is where your stretchy cotton maternity dress and some of your husband’s clothes will come in handy.


Get fitted for a bra multiple times throughout your pregnancy and then invest in a few really comfortable ones.  You will find that a bra that fits in the first weeks of pregnancy won’t cut it by week 30.  Word to the wise here again: As your boobs grow bigger they can itch like crazy. That fancy lace that you usually love to wear may suddenly feel like you are wearing a brillo pad! Nordstom’s does a great job at sizing you for well-fitting bras and have a wide variety of options that fit everyone’s taste! Their return policy is amazing, so if you grow out of your bras too fast, they are great about adjusting sizes. For the budget conscious, you can also get your current size for FREE and then zip on over to  Target for cheaper bras since you’ll likely only wear them for a few months at a time.