The Hardest Part of Having Newborn Twins

hardest part of having newborn twins

Growing two babies at the same time is awesome and definitely has its perks. Then you complete the monumental task of birthing two babies back to back and settle into your new routine as a family. You get double the baby snuggle and there are days when you are dialed in. You are crushing the parenting gig. But not everyday feels like a walk in the park. Parenting is hard. Having newborn twins is hard too. Without a doubt, one of the first questions people ask a new twin parent is, “What’s the hardest part about having newborns twins?”

We try to be glass-half-full kind of people. In all honestly, the positives outweigh the hardships by a ton. However, walking into the whole twin parenting thing with a bit of a heads up can help tremendously in the long run. We aren’t writing this to run with your tail tucked, but rather arm you with knowledge of what you might experience as a new parent of twins.

So without further adieu, let us share with you some of the things that we found to be the hardest part of having newborn twins.

newborn twins

Recovering from Birth

One of the most difficult parts about taking care of newborn twins is the fact you are recovering from birth, be it a c-section or vaginal delivery. It is easy to underestimate how you might feel. Prepare yourself for all the birth scenarios and challenges that might come with your recovery. While you cannot predict everything that you might experience, you can have some things in place to aid in your recovery. We caution you to ask for help, take it easy without overdoing it for as long as you need, and give yourself some grace. You’ve just had two babies, there is a lot of healing to do and a lot of adjusting to your new normal. It all takes time. Be patient and forgiving with yourself and your loved ones.

Lack of Sleep

Anytime you bring a newborn home, you can expect to get very little sleep. Bringing two babies home solidifies that theory. Tackling all the late-night feedings, diaper changes, and fussiness is undoubtedly challenging alone and with the support of your partner. Lean on each other, openly and honestly communicate your needs and remember that this is temporary. Turn to each other to lift each other up, and maybe offer a high-five in the middle of the night after you’ve successfully mastered another nighttime feeding successfully. We took that time to just stare in awe after years of infertility.

Time and Energy

Caring for newborn twins requires extra time and energy to care for two babies at once. Whether you are bringing home two babies as an addition to your other children or these are your first babies, it can be a big adjustment all at once. You may find yourself feeling overwhelmed with the extra workload on top of the lack of sleep. It’s important to remember to take breaks for yourself. This will help you to stay healthy and make sure you’re able to provide the best care for your little ones. Additionally, make sure to reach out to family and friends for support. More help is a win win for everyone!

Feel Torn Between Two Babies

The other piece to caring for two infants at once is the feeling of being torn between the two. For us, it was s probably the most unexpected challenge of having newborn twins. We figured the c-section recovery would be challenging and expected that we would have little to no sleep, but this…

When you bring your babies home you’re learning who these little humans are. You are navigating how to be the best parent possible to them. You also have to figure out how to meet both of their needs, especially when they are needing things at the same time. Our advice to parents is always this…treat the situation as if you are a triage nurse. Meet the dire needs first and then move to the next need. Both of your babies are a priority, but you only have so many hands. Make sure everyone is safe and knows that they’ll be ok while you tackle their sibling’s needs.

Parenting twins is full of joy, surprise and things you’ll have to learn to navigate as you go. Despite the challenges, we are here to tell you that it is an unbelievable experience. When the going gets tough, remember one thing. You can do hard things and will come out better and strong on the other side.