Preparing for Twins

The BEST Checklist to Baby-Proof Your Home for Infant Twins

Sharp corners. Exposed outlets. Dishpods…oh my!

If you just saw two heartbeats on an ultrasound, chances are…these aren’t even on your radar yet.

Expectant parents prep to welcome home TWO babies, but very rarely consider baby-proofing until they are a bit older. Understandably so!

We get it, you’ve got a lot on your mind gearing up for the birth of your multiples.

how to baby-proof your home for newborn twins

Baby registries, nursery design, furniture assembly…the list goes on. The one thing that isn’t always at the forefront of the minds of new twin parents is baby-proofing the home. Why? Well you’ve got other fish to fry during those first few months when you bring those babies home. Take it from our own experiences and that of our clients, the need to have a baby-proofed home can creep up on you quickly.

Our mission is to ensure that expectant, new, and overwhelmed twin parents feel prepared and have helpful resources at their fingertips. For that reason, we made sure that our new book, A Dad’s Guide to Newborn Twins: Unleash Your Inner Super Dad is filled with tips and tricks to get you through the first year with twins!

How to Baby-Proof: From the Pages of A Dad’s Guide to Newborn Twins (Pgs. 114-117)

“One Amazon order will give you the gear you need to get started. We suggest moving from room to room to evaluate the dangers that each space presents to your babies. Keep in mind that their vantage point is very different from your own; take the time to look at each room of your house from a variety of perspectives. Get down on the floor and observe a room from their level.

how to baby-proof your home for newborn twins
how to baby-proof your home for newborn twins

Want ways to corral 6 to 9 month-old twins safely? This chapter takes a deep dive into making your home baby-proofed for twins broken down room to room. It also covers everything you’ll need to survive as your babies start eating solid foods, become teething monsters, start to clearly communicate their needs (hello baby sing language!!!!).

We’ve got your back, which is why each chapter of our new book was designed to be a comprehensive manual, preparing you for this exciting next stage of life.

Get the rest of this baby-proofing list and other helpful twin preparation tips by ordering your own copy of the book on Amazon.

Getting ready for your twins to arrive and then having to baby-proof can feel daunting. Keep it simple. Our advice is to start small and build as needed. Be flexible, and trust us, you’ll adjust some things once those babies are on the move.