Preparing for Twins

The ONLY Checklist You Need to Prepare Your Twin Nursery

That due date is quickly approaching your to-do list can feel like a mile long.

As parents, there are many things we can do without until after the babies arrive.  Every nesting mother wants to have the nursery perfectly prepped before the BIG ARRIVAL.  So, how do you know what you need in your twin nursery?

In our new book, You Can Two!: The Essential Twins Preparation Guide, we’ve got a whole chapter dedicated to sifting through the baby gear and essentials you’ll actually need and use!

Do you really need two of everything? Hardly!

If that were the case, you’d have a house full of baby garb and need to call the producers of Hoarders!

From the Pages (pg. 35) of You Can Two!

“Do we really need two of everything?”
“What essentials do we absolutely need?”
“Please tell me what I can live without.”

We have fielded hundreds of questions like these from expectant twin parents. In combination with our own experiences, we know that parents want simple and straightforward guidance. Right away, we’re going to discuss the items that you’ll need two of, can live with just one of, and those that you really don’t need at all. Following that, we’ve included a master checklist that breaks down all the baby gear essentials you potentially need, according to different spaces you may use in your home. Also included is a category for gear that parents use while out and about. Obviously, we created this checklist considering as many circumstances as we could possibly think of. So if something doesn’t feel like it might t into your lifestyle (for example, if you are exclusively formula feeding your babies) simply ignore our guidance in that area and move on. Our hope is that you can use our experience to rein in your anxiety in this department, do a little shopping, and move on to other preparations!

The ONLY Checklist You Need to Prepare Your Twin Nursery:

Not only does this chapter take a good look at what you’ll need, but our new book also offers anecdotes from other twin parents that have also been there and walked the walked. What works for one parent might not work for the other.  The same goes for babies!

The rest of this chapter has got you covered with in-depth specifics on gear for every space in your home and every occasion that may arise.

Have fun and keep it simple. Chances are you will be slowly adding more and more things into the nursery as you go.  Trust us, you won’t want it to feel too full right out of the gate.  Our best advice is to get the basics.  Live in the space with your two babies, and then add as you see the need.  Clutter is no one’s friend.

Get the rest of this chapter and all our other helpful preparation strategies by ordering your own copy of the book on Amazon.

Tell us, what is one thing you feel like you can’t live without in your twin nursery?  We might be able to convince you otherwise!  Try us in the comments below.