The SECRET To Becoming A Happier, Guilt Free Parent

The society we live in tends to create the perfect environment for guilt to brew inside each one of us as parents.

The perfect image posted of a clean kitchen can make us feel guilty that our sink is still full of last night’s dinner dishes.  The reality is, that picture was probably taken while the kids weren’t even home, because nobody’s house really looks like that, right?

the key to becoming a happier guilt free parent

Yet, we’ve become accustomed to, and oftentimes not even doing it consciously, comparing ourselves to what we see online. It is no wonder we can easily become overwhelmed with guilt.

Why is it that we find it difficult to accept that we are doing our very best and that is enough?

While we don’t claim to have any answers for you, and admittedly are a work in progress ourselves, we do believe that reframing our thinking helps to keep the guilt from taking over.

By taking a look through a slightly different lens, it is amazing what you will see because, well, as the saying goes, “You tend to see what you look for.”

So why not rid your life of the guilt? It is pretty freeing.

Focusing on the positive helps you realize that you are doing a great job, which is enough.

the secret to becoming a happier guilt free parent

The Secret to Becoming a Happier Guilt Free Parent

Instead feeling guilty for:

Kicking your feet up and resting while your kids nap, rather than doing dishes or folding laundry.

Think about it this way:

I am taking a moment to recharge so that when my kids wake I can be the best version of myself.

Instead feeling guilty for:

Leaving your child with a babysitter.  

Say goodbye to the guilt by thinking:

I am investing in my relationship, teaching my kids a healthy sense of separation, and helping them to trust other caretakers.

Instead feeling guilty for:

Letting your kids eat cereal with chocolate milk in it.

Thing about it this way:

Tomorrow is a new day and you can serve a healthier breakfast then.  Besides, what kid doesn’t love a treat every now and then. You just became Super Parent of the Year!

Instead feeling guilty for:

Saying no to commitments that you would normally say yes to.

Say goodbye to the guilt by thinking:

If I say yes to that commitment, that means something I really want to do gets pushed aside.

Instead of feeling guilty for:

Yelling at your kids because you’ve had a rough day.

Say goodbye to the guilt by thinking:

You now have the opportunity to show your kids that you are human and make mistakes too.  Acknowledge your behavior, apologize and try again next time.

the key to becoming a happier, guilt free parent

Parenting is laden with all sorts of guilt.

Crap! I wish I didn’t just yell like that.

Darn it! Why did I make that empty promise that I now have to follow through with?

We are always learning as our kids grow.

Some days we nail it. Others, well, we wish we could just hit the reset button.

The point is…YOU ARE DOING A GREAT JOB! On those days where you feel down on yourself or your parenting skills, take a deep breath and just simply try again tomorrow.

Nobody is perfect no matter what you see online.