Twin Pregnancy

The Ultimate Guide to Dressing Your Baby Bump: Maternity Fashion Tips for Every Trimester

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Your body is going to go through a major overhaul in the upcoming months because, well, you are growing tiny humans!  Let us give you a virtual congratulatory hug!

With two babies in that belly, you’re body sure has its work cut out!

Whether your style is ultra chic, an athleisure seeker or you are a lover of joggers and all things comfy…we understand that challenges of maternity fashion during a twin pregnancy.

Yes, the season of the year and the trimester you in can have an impact on the maternity fashion that you invest in, but we are confident in saying that every pregnant woman needs a few staples in her closet to be comfortable and feel fabulous.

We have each been through a twin pregnancy, albeit with different experiences, much of what we learned about dressing our super large baby bump was similar.  Knowing that we didn’t want to invest gobs of money in maternity clothes, we found ways to make it work while looking and feeling stylish at the same time.  So let us share with you our maternity fashion tips!

First Trimester Maternity Fashion Tips:

Many women, even those pregnant with twins, can get by without having to invest in maternity pants in the first trimester.  Go you! We both found ourselves needing maternity gear by 8 weeks with our twin bellies. Yes, that’s right folks, we said 8 WEEKS!

During the first trimester,  a lot of women can usually get away with wearing non-maternity gear for a little while, just making adaptations to make it work.  We’ve all tried the rubber band around the button of your jeans trick right?

Likely you have coats, sweaters and a few t-shirts that you already own that are not necessarily for maternity but have enough room to accommodate your growing belly for the time being.  Eventually, however, you might have to start investing some maternity bottoms, pants, skirts, shorts, etc.  Nine or so months from now you may wear maternity pants for a short while post birth, but really you won’t need any of it for very long.  Who wants to spend gobs of money on clothing that will begin collecting dust by next year?  Are you with us? 

So you aren’t scouring the internet for quality clothes at good prices, we are sharing our favorites for you here, so you can find all of your maternity needs in one place.


These jeans from H&M are by far the best maternity jeans.  They are great quality for a good price, letting you add a few pairs to your wardrobe.  FYI, for some reason, H & M maternity pants fit completely different than regular H&M jeans.

Loose-fitting Tops:

No, your belly hasn’t fully popped at this point, but many women want clothing that doesn’t’ hug as tightly to hide any evidence of their pregnancy before they are ready to share the news with the world.  Loose-fitting t-shirts are a good choice. This t-shirt is nice because it runs on the larger side, yet is still flattering and can be worn post-birth as well.

Basic Maternity Shirts: 

We would suggest that you invest in a few maternity t-shirts that will stretch with your belly over time. Gray, white, and black are all great natural colors that pair with almost any outfit you wear throughout your pregnancy.  They might be on the larger side at first, but once your growing belly takes off, you’ll be filling it out beautifully in no time.

Belly Bands:

Belly bands are an easy way to help convert your non-maternity pants to get a few more weeks out of them before you need to jump ship and buy real maternity pants.  The can because worn with shorts and pants and don’t itch your stomach.  At a price point under $10, Belly Bands are a cheap way to stretch the use of your everyday wardrobe, buying you more time before you HAVE to get some maternity wear.

Comfy Flats:

Being on your feet all day, be it chasing busy toddlers or at work, calls for comfortable shoes.  Ballet flats work well to dress up an outfit in the first trimester.


Athletic Shorts with a stretchy waistband (not necessarily maternity shorts) will become your new best friend.  Yes, even if you are pregnant in the winter, we would HIGHLY suggest that you invest in a pair of shorts.  Your body temperature runs warmer while pregnant, which means you may find yourself wanting to wear less clothing while lounging around your house. 

You don’t have to break the bank on fancy athletic shorts. Just, whatever you do, make sure the waistband has some stretch to it.  Shorts like these allow you to push the waistband below your belly as it grows. Our suggestion, size up.


Skirts are an easy way to dress up while you are pregnant.  Skirts like this will last most of your pregnancy and beyond, as you can just push the waistband below your belly as you grow.

Versatile Tops: 

Chambray shirts are great go-to pregnant or not! You can layer maternity tops underneath and as your belly grows, eventually wear it unbuttoned.  We are obsessed with this one from Madewell. J. Crew factory usually has a moderately priced Chambray shirt, as well as Target! You can wear it buttoned early on in your pregnancy, and keep it open once your belly pops.

2nd Trimester Fashion Tips:

Now depending on how fast your belly is growing, this is where dressing your bump gets trickier. By the end of Meghan’s 2nd trimester, her fundal height was measuring at 40.  Curious what your bump might look like along the way? Check out week by week twin belly pictures here!

Maternity leggings:

Leggings, especially comfy, soft ones, are every pregnant woman’s best friend.  You will probably want to wear these more than anythings else, even the jeans you LOVE.  These maternity leggings are awesome, versatile, and cheap! At 20 bucks, you will get plenty of wear out of them and won’t feel badly about passing them on when you’re done!

Tank tops:

Tank tops comfortable yes, but they are great options for days when you need to layer, giving an outfit endless options. These tanks from Target are only $10 and come in all of the basic colors. Investing in a few of these will help give your wardrobe more veratility as your belly grows.

A Cute Dress:

We are SO happy to announce that Target has made a version of our favorite pregnancy dress, for less! YAY! When you scroll down to the 3rd trimester fashion mush-haves, you will see that we highly suggest this dress as a great option to wear to your baby-shower, weddings or any dress event you have to attend while pregnant. 


If you find yourself pregnant outside of the winter months, a sundress is a must. Dresses like this one give your belly a break from pants and elastic waist bands

Maternity Dress/Work Pants: 

Are you needing to dress up at the office?  Here is a dress pant that won’t break the bank. We suggest purchasing a color that you can wear with most anything such as black or gray.

Versatile Jacket:

Finding the right jacket to layer as your belly grows is key. We love a military style jacket like this one because it dresses up or down rather well.

Maxi Dress:

Stylish and comfortable is the name of the game in maternity fashion. At this point in your pregnancy, long flowy dresses are a game changer. We love maxi dresses like this one from Pink Blush. They have a ton of maternity dresses and in a plethora of patterns to meet the style of any mama.

Bathing Suit:

Whether you are rocking a two piece or are sporting a one piece to show off your growing bump, the great news is…you’ve got TONS of options.  Thanks to places like Motherhood Maternity and Target, there are swin suit options at affordable prices.

Each woman has a different comfort level with wearing a bathing suit while pregnant…and that is totally ok.  But we cannot go on without sharing with you how much a swimming pool helps relive some of your pregnancy discomfort.  The weightlessness of the swimming pool takes SO MUCH pressure off of your back and torso when your belly gets larger.  So, before you shrug off the maternity suit, grab one, because you will never want to leave the pool in those later months…TRUST US!

Sun Shirt: 

While you are pregnant, you may notice that your skin seems more sensitive than ever before. Sun shirts like this one come in handy if you are on a babymoon, vacation, or at the pool with your other children!

Maternity Shorts:

Whether you are pregnant in the summer or the winter, having at least one pair of maternity denim shorts is a nice idea.  Pregnancy doesn’t put an end to beach vacations, so be sure that you are ready to dip your toes in the sand.

3rd Trimester Maternity Fashion Tips:

This is where your maternity fashion needs will separate you from the pack.  Women pregnant with twins are notoriously stopped on the street to being asked if they are about to give birth any minute. Your twin belly will look and feel pretty big in the 3rd trimester as your body kicks into high gear preparing for the arrival of your babies. Take it upon yourself and consider transitioning into more comfortable fashion.

If you love heals, switch to flats. 

If you love jeans, switch to leggings or maxi dresses.

Shower Dress:

Most likely you will need something cute to wear when your friends and family start planning a baby shower. This dress is perfect for your shower because it is versatile and amazingly comfortable.  Wear it with cute wedges or even flip flops. When you are in the 3rd trimester, comfort is key.  It is perfectly ok if you’re normally a heels kind of gal and can’t seem to wear anything other than flats!

Expandable T-Shirts:

Not only are Produce Tees seriously adorable, but they are so soft and stretchy! Meghan still wears her watermelon tee even three years later!


The good news is that you probably won’t outgrow your most of your jewelry.  While rings might fit tightly, or even not at all during pregnancy, usually you don’t have to make any maternity investments in the accessories department.

Adding scarves, cute chunky necklaces and fun purses add flare to the clothes that you end up wearing over and over again. 


The ever changing nature of your body, specifically your breasts, is going to rock your world. No matter what size you were pre-pregnancy, your chest will go through a serious transformation. Be prepared!

Learn from our mistakes. Don’t head to Nordstrom at 8 weeks pregnant and invest in the best bra possible simply because your boobs are getting bigger.  You’ll end up right back in that lingerie department a few weeks later needed another new bra.

Head to JC Penny & Target and buy a bunch of less expensive bras to get you through your pregnancy second trimester.  Save your money and head to Nordies later in the third trimester to invest in better nursing bras.

Maternity fashion, especially for women expecting twins, can be tricky.  We really believe that keeping things simple by sticking to the basics is the best way to dress your changing body.  Style doesn’t have to go out of the window, neither does your savings account.  Spend your money on a few key, yet versatile, inexpensive pieces to get you through your pregnancy!

What are some of your favorite maternity finds? Hit us up in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.