The Ultimate Guide To Sleep Training Twins

If you fear that you will forever be a tired mommy, we have great news for you. Meghan had her twins sleeping through the night by 11 weeks old…..and we have created the Ultimate Guide to Sleep Training Twins just for you, so you can have your twins sleeping like champs soon!

Yes, you read that correctly, I had my twins consistently sleeping from 7 p.m. to 7 a.m. by 11 weeks old!

The ultimate guide to sleep training twins is the perfect series of blog post that walks you through gently successfully sleep training your twins.Over a series of five posts, we will share with you all the tricks that worked for me.  With a little patience and consistency, you too can be getting more sleep SOON!!!  

Sleep training your babies can feel intense and grueling for you, the parents, will take a lot of patience, and has a very steep learning curve.

For your babies, implementing all of tips and tricks we discuss in this series will give them the tools necessary to sleep through the night and soothe themselves back to sleep because you are teaching them healthy sleep habits that will last them a lifetime!

Using the strategies we outline here in this ULTIMATE GUIDE TO SLEEP TRAINING TWINS series, I had my boys sleeping through the night by 11 weeks, but I ensured that all conditions were just right. That is why we created this series, to help set you up for success from the start and get you more sleep SOON!

Don’t go into this blind, with the right preparation and mindset, you too can get your twins sleeping through the night early on.

It’s important to note that success with our ultimate guide to sleep training twins depends on the individual circumstances of each of your children, and that can even vary between your twins. Knowing when your babies are ready to sleep through the night without eating, their unique temperaments and understanding the types of sleepers they are, will be key factors in your success with sleep training.

Before you begin, get your game face on.  Have the right mentality for this short stint of time.  Know that if you put the effort in now, patience and strict consistency will determine your overall success down the road.  Who wouldn’t want to give their kiddos an excellent foundation to be great sleepers?  

BE CONSISTENT!  Even when it gets hard, you don’t want to take a shortcut!  Trust me, when a baby is crying it’s easy to want to give them the binky back or quickly nurse them back to sleep so you can turn around and go back to bed.  You have to establish good sleep habits and nix the bad ones!

Now, take a minute and carefully consider the two bundles of joy that are cooing in the next room. While you are picturing their sweet sleeping faces, I want you to imagine what a full night of uninterrupted sleep will feel like.



Part 1: Sleeping Through the Night: Are Your Twins Ready– 1st key to successful sleep training

Part 2: Bedtime Routine: Why It’s the 1st Step in Sleep Training Your TwinsKeys to the PERFECT bedtime routine

Part 3: How to Create the Perfect Sleep Environment in Your Twins’ NurseryTools for setting up the perfect sleeping environment

Part 4:  DROWSY BUT AWAKE: The Secret to Teaching Your Twins To Fall Asleep Independently3 steps to get your babies to sleep without you

Part 5: Sleep Training Twins:  Say Goodbye to Zombie Mom with These 5 Sleep Strategies Sleep Training 101

xoxo, Jenn & Meghan