How to Create A Great Twin Nursery: 6 MUST HAVE Tips for Pregnant Twin Moms

Every expectant mom has dreams for the room where she will rock and nurture her bundle of joy.6 must have tips that will ensure you create the perfect twin nursery for your babies.

Designing the perfect twin nursery is one of the most important things that you will do to prepare for the birth of your twins – truth be toldit can be super intimidating just to get started.

There is so much to figure out and creating a nursery for two can prove to be a little more challenging – the logistics of two babies can be tricky.

Designing a nursery for two requires some thought and creativity to stylishly accommodate two babies in one room.

So, if you are ready to dive right in, we have some experience with designing a twin nursery to impart to you.  Here are:

Our 6 MUST HAVE Tips for Creating the Perfect Twin Nursery:

1. Black out shades are a must–

Daytime and night time sleep are two very different beasts.  Falling asleep during the day becomes more difficult as babies acclimate to daytime vs. night time.

Black out shades help to keep the sunlight out of the room.

Keeping your nursery nice and dark while baby is trying to nap throughout the day, which is essential to keeping your babies well rested to help them sleep better at night.

2. Be thoughtful about your crib placement– 

It goes without saying that furniture for two babies fills up a room rather quickly.

It can be even more difficult to thoughtfully arrange all that furniture within the constraints of your room.

The one thing to consider when setting up your twin nursery is crib placement.

We highly recommend placing the cribs with distance between them, ideally on opposite walls if at all possible.

As twins get older and more aware of each other, playing in their cribs becomes a very enticing game.

The more distance you have  between them helps to keep the playtime distraction at a minimum when all you want is for your babies to be peacefully sleeping.

IMG_2423 (1)


3. Pick cribs that convert —

Many cribs these days convert from a crib to a toddler bed.  This Delta Convertible Crib is very similar to the one pictured above (affiliate link)

Miraculously, you can find a 3 in 1 crib that will convert from a crib to a toddler bed and even further to a full size bed.  Buying furniture for two can be costly; converter cribs gives you longevity in your nursery furniture allowing you to use your twins’ beds for many years.


4. Keep your organization simple and maintainable — 

Nesting causes us to do crazy things and in our case, we became a bit obsessive about our organizational systems.

The thing to remember is that once the babies are here, maintaining that organization becomes more difficult.

Think simple and easily accessible; open and labeled baskets work great!


5. A few necessities–

Here is a short list of items that we believe you CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT in your twin nursery:

DSC_0419 DSC_0416

6. Small details will help personalize the room and add your loving touch — 

In our homes, the rooms we had reserved for our nurseries remained empty for years on purpose.  We had vowed when we moved into our houses to never decorate those rooms until we could make them a nursery.

The small details were the most fun, because they represented the years of planning and praying, the hopes and dreams we had that someday we could fill those rooms with babies .

Now, every time we walk into our twin nurseries, our hearts fill with with emotion because we finally have beautiful homes for our sweet baby boys.

DSC_0423 IMG_5021IMG_5030

7. Be creative with how you use all of your space —

Like we said, figuring out how two fit furniture for two into one room can be quite an adventure.  Meghan got creative and knocked out the doors on a closet in order to house the changing station.  By the time there were two cribs and a glider in the nursery, the room was pretty full.


Most importantly of all, have fun with it, make it yours and love it!  You will spend a lot of time in your nursery cuddling and making memories with your little miracles.


Creating the perfect twin nursery is such personal topic that our 6 tips hardly scratch the surface of possibilities that you could incorporate into your room.

So no it’s your turn to share your wisdom with all the expectant twin moms out there reading this post.

Share with us in the comments below creative or unique tips that you loved in your twin nursery!  We can’t wait to learn from all you expert twin moms out there.

all-our-love, jenn-and-Meghan-from-two-came-true

**This post includes affiliate links for your convenience.  If you love any of the products we are sharing here to create the perfect twin nursery, simply click on the highlighted link to purchase!  We ONLY tell you about products we have used with our TWINS and love them because they WORK.
  • Great ideas! Quick question – where did you buy those white convertible cribs? I love them, and the under-crib storage!


  • The best advice my siblings gave me, when I sent them a pic of my proposed nursery set-up, is NOT to have the changing station under a window and also not to hang any pictures/stuff within reach. When they’re sweet, tiny, non-rolling infants it’s hard to imagine that one day they will thrash around and rip down anything within reach! 🙂
    We quickly made the necessary adjustments!

    • So true Mary! I have found that those adorable mobiles have provided my toddlers may hours of fun! Many times I have come in to fine tons of pieces lying on the floor.

  • Another question – we had planned to get a rocker/armchair, is that still useful with twins, or too hard to fit them both in there with you? Worth it, or not? We’re limited on space, so trying to figure that out.

    • Hi Christine,
      Thank you for reading this post and your interest in our blog. I, Jenn, have a rocker in our boys room. It was too narrow to use for nursing purposes, but great for general bonding, rocking, admiring, etc. We use it nightly now to sit in and read stories and both kids fit nicely on my lap. Outside their nursery we have over sized cigarette chairs that worked perfectly for nursing. Meghan has an over sized rocker in her boys room, but doesn’t really use it for feeding purposes. It is really nice to have someplace to sit in their room for a variety of reasons, not solely for feeding. When you are limited on space you may have other priorities. If you have another space, close to their room, where it can be darkened in that area that has a rocker type chair or comfy place to sit with the babies, maybe don’t buy one specifically for the nursery. Does that help?

  • HI- I have to say that for us having our cribs next to eachother (short ends up against one another) has been great and often helpful. We find that our twins very much enjoy seeing and talking to eachother, at bedtime as they are settling into sleep they will talk, and in the mornings were finding they will keep eachother company as they (and WE) slowly wake up! Sure there have been a few instances of our girl steeling our sons pacifier, or teddy bear, but overall were so happy they are able to literally touch base and we truly feel they are building their bond and connection. For us, and every family will be different, but for us having cribs against eachother has been great, if not helpful!

    • Thats great news! Every kids is different….which is why we are such firm believers that you have to find what works for your family and your babies. Thank you for your input Valerie….other moms are sure to find it helpful!

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