Twin Pregnancy

‘Twas the Night Before Giving Birth To Twins

‘Twas the night before birth, nobody was resting.
Not a creature was sleeping, we were too busy nesting;
The diapers were stocked by the changing station with care,
In hopes that my twin boys soon would be there;

The babies were nestled all snug in my tummy,
While visions of drinking a beer after nine months sure sounded yummy;
And this mama-to-be tried to lay down and shut her eyes ,
She was super duper excited to meet her new little guys,

When she heard her alarm she arose with epic fail,
She sprang from the bed looking like a beached whale.
Away to the hospital bag, did she forget anything more?
Grabbed the keys from the counter and waddled out the door.

The sun was arising that warm August day,
Gave hope and serenity with her new boys on the way,
When a wondering sight almost made her hormonal heart explode,
But an empty highway, and no traffic on the road!

With her husband as chauffeur, so lively and polite,
He knew that mama is hormonal and didn’t sleep a lick all night.
This car ride would be their last as a family of two,
So he turned up the radio and knew what to do;

They sang at the top of their lungs and scared all the birds,
That twin mama-to-be didn’t even know the words!
Who cares? It’s just us! We can be crazy and make noise..
Now off the the hospital…it’s time to meet our boys!

As they pulled into the parking lot, excited and ready,
The twin boys were kicking more, but she was holding steady.
So up to Labor and Delivery to check into their room,
With her belly full of babies, this c-section would be here soon.

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And then, in a minute, she was rolled down the hall,
Her eyes welling up with tears, this was a miracle, after all!
As she looked at her husband, and the OR was near,
She knew they had made it, and had nothing left to fear.

They couldn’t believe it, they were over the moon,
All of their prayers would be answered so soon.
The nurses, doctors and mama were ready to give birth
Those babies boys were about to be welcomed Earth!

The first cry, the screaming– how it melted her soul!
He came out with fury, ready to rock n roll!
This overwhelmed mama was crying tears of joy,
But time to focus, she still had to deliver one more baby boy;

The minutes seemed like years, was everything ok?
Questions started mounting about Baby B on the way;
With tugging and pulling, she knew he was near,
Then came his first cry and suddenly he was here!

He was chubby and purple, a right chunky lil’ charmer,
Now next to his brother, he was placed on the warmer;
Lots of tears, then hugging, then laid on her chest,
She could take a deep breath, hold her family and rest.

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They spoke not a word, but exchanged such a glance,
Out of all of the parents; how did they get this chance?
And holding their babies, so overwhelmed with pure love,
They knew they had been given a gift from above;

They sat in their room trying to take it all in,
With their new twin boys, let the parenting games begin!
As the new babies cried, and nursed and were up all night,
They thought, “Welcome to the world, boys, you were well worth the wait, the struggle and fight!

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