My Twin Birth Story: Jenn’s Scheduled C-Section

“Can you believe tomorrow we will finally be parents?” My husband said as we walked out of our favorite steakhouse the night before our scheduled c-section.

My excitement and nerves were at an all time high. I was about to become a mom, a twin mom!

We were beyond ready for the momentous day to finally be here.

I never went into labor, so on that Saturday morning in September, at 37.5 weeks, we walked into the hospital ready to meet our miracle babies.

The labor and delivery nurses got me all prepped and ready for a 9 a.m. scheduled c-section. Just as Jordan put on his hairnet, my OB walked into the room and said we were postponed a few hours due to an emergency taking precedence.

We spent the next few hours just hanging out, with my OB by our side, waiting in anticipation.

It is fair to say that those hours, although filled with laughter and MTV in the background, were the longest few hours of my life.

scheduled twin c-section

Once the OR was ready for us, the three of us walked in and got things going. I’d had a number of surgeries before, performed by my OB, so she already knew how anxious I could get and allowed Jordan to stay by my side for the spinal tap and surgery preparation.

With my husband holding my left hand and my doctor holding my right, the anesthesiologist administered the spinal and got things rolling. I remember a number of people in the room swirling around me, but I can’t tell you exactly how many. The next thing I knew, after some poking, prodding, pulling and tugging, Baby A filled the room with his beautiful wails. Baby B was born two minutes later, but gave us a good scare until he began screaming as well.

schleduled c-section

Jordan jogged around the room checking on the three of us. He made sure to give each baby a good look before he decided who was who. Before long, our family of four was headed to recovery. We spent the next few hours with nurses smashing my boobs into hamburgers trying to get the boys to latch. Our breastfeeding journey was challenging from the get-go, to say the least. More on this at a later time.

scheduled c-section

I spent the next 32 hours unable to keep anything down.

I struggled to hold the boys because I was weak and shaky and breastfeeding was nearly impossible. After the meds from surgery wore off, things started to settle down. Within 5 days we were all sent home and off to the races.

scheduled c-section

Overall, my twin birth story was everything that I could have hoped it would be. Having a scheduled c-section ultimately was my only choice, but honestly, I am grateful for that. I was fortunate enough to carry my boys to 37.5 weeks and deliver them to Earth safely. The hiccups along the way are what make every twin birth story unique. I wouldn’t have hoped for mine to go any other way.