The Ultimate Sanity-Saving Hack for Twin Moms

With two little boys running every which way, we oftentimes find ourselves at the bottom of the last box of diapers thinking, “Shoot! I have to run out and grab more!”

Time is precious, no doubt. Between feeding your twins, changing clothes multiple times a day, or washing 14 loads of laundry, finding the time to make a diaper run isn’t always that convenient!

That is why we LOVE the 2 Month Supply of Huggies Little Movers sold at Sam’s Club (only for a limited time…so don’t wait!).  

We go through a ton of diapers with twin boys. Moms change close to 8 diapers a day.  That means twin moms change about 16 a day.

This gigantic box of Huggies, containing 312 size 4 diapers, saves us trips to the store. Fewer trips to the store gives us that much more precious time with our children.

2 Reasons Why Shopping at Sam’s Club in the Ultimate Sanity-Saving Hack for Twin Moms:

First of all, Sam’s Club offers it’s members the convenience of buying online to pick up in the store as well as free delivery for most of their baby products (this diaper deal included).  

However, if you are like us and prefer to zip around the store enjoying afternoon tapas…aka samples of all of Sam’s Club’s finest foods, then mamas, make an outing of it.

Secondly, buying in bulk at Sam’s Club saves you so much money in the long run!  Typically, the cost of diapers averages out to $.26 a piece, but when you buy the 2 Month Supply of Huggies Little Movers at Sam’s Club, the cost per diaper drops to $.20!  That savings significantly adds up over time, especially since our little toddlers typically go through 1000 or so size 4 diapers in their lifetime.  

And don’t forget to multiply that number if you have multiples!

This mega box of Huggies Little Movers has been the ultimate sanity-saving hack, not to mention a major money saver. We just couldn’t pass it up!

We value every minute that we get with our kids, so running to the store multiple times a week is the last way we want to choose to spend those precious moments.  That is precisely why we get our household basics and our Huggies Little Movers, in bulk, with our Sam’s Club Membership!

So forget about that last minute dash to the store when you run out of diapers.  Busy moms are guaranteed to LOVE this amazing sanity-saving hack.   So don’t wait…go get your 2 Month Supply of Huggies at Sam’s Club before it’s too late!

Do you have an amazing sanity-saving tips twin moms will LOVE?

Share it with us in the comments below. We can’t wait to learn from you!

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