Welcome to the World: A Two Came True Birth Annoucement

IMG_0674It was a little over 4 years ago that our friendship began.  We were beginning jobs at a new school, I was preparing for IVF, and Meghan was thinking about starting her family. Without knowing me very well, Meghan befriended me and selflessly became an amazing support during the difficult time in my life.  She constantly checked on me, picked up the pieces when I fell apart, and celebrated in the little milestones. Meghan is that type of person, loyal and loving.  That is why it was heartbreaking to learn that she would have to endure the same difficult journey to motherhood.  I am incredibly grateful for her friendship and unwavering support.  I am even more honored that I was able to be that same support for her while she fought to start her own family.


That is why I am honored to announce with great joy that Meghan and Matt welcomed their twin boys to the world early last week.  Everyone is healthy and doing great.  They are at home, getting to know their little men and relishing in every moment as a new family of 5.  It is amazing to see them glowing as new parents after dreaming for so many years for this moment.  Congratulations Meghan and Matt, your boys a beautiful little miracles!

all-our-love, jenn-and-Meghan-from-two-came-true






    • Thank you Jana! The site looks beautiful and we could not thank you enough for all of your patience, incredible and support! You rock our world!

  • Meghan and Matt have blessed us with these beautiful twin boys. As grandparents, there are no words to express our happiness or our happiness we feel for Meghan and Matt. The boys are such special miracles. We look forward to watching them grow. Welcome boys Hertzfeldt to the family!

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