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What New Moms Are Really Thinking (but are too afraid to say out loud)

new moms

New moms everywhere, I’m am talking to you…

Becoming a new mom is life-changing, we all know that. It’s supposed to be magical, where you instantly fall in love with a tiny human and don’t remember what life was like before your whole heart was walking around outside your body.

Or at least, that is what I wanted to experience.

But the thing is, giving birth and suddenly having this huge responsibility, all while your hormones are raging, is a lot for any new parent to handle.

new moms

Whatever you feel as a new parent, positive, negative or both, is completely normal. If you aren’t madly in love with your newborn babies or hate breastfeeding, don’t shame yourself for feeling that. Nor should you feel guilty that you loved everything about pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding or feel that immense love everyone has told you about.

Parenthood will hit you hard and fast. You hit the ground running. The adjustment period is instant and the feelings of overwhelming inadequacy can be consuming.

Things New Moms are Thinking (but won’t say aloud):

  • Can I give them back?
  • I miss my life before kids, my independence and my freedom.
  • I have no idea what I am doing.
  • Maybe I shouldn’t have had children.
  • I can’t do this.
  • What have I done to my life?
  • I am the only one who is struggling this way? Everyone else seems to have it figured out (or at least on social media).
  • I am doing it all wrong.
  • I feel completely alone.

New moms receive tons of well-intentioned advice from people simply trying to help you feel better and more confident. You will also likely receive some advice that makes cringe with frustration. But what every new parent needs to remember is this: each baby is different! Yes, even the two that resided in your uterus for the last 9 months. Give yourself some space to adjust from your previous life and slowly let yourself get to know your new life. Eventually, it will all fall into place.

You are enough.

new moms

If you can relate to this now or ever start to feel this way in the future, remember that we have created this community so that every new parent doesn’t have to feel alone. Reach out to us or other new parents who can empathize with you, or just simply listen. You should never have to be consumed by shame because you don’t have an Instagram perfect experience with parenthood.

I am always here to listen. You’ve got this!