What’s In Our Twin Diaper Bags?: 19 Essentials You MUST Pack

Being a mom to multiples is wonderful, yet often times crazy!  There are times when you have to check again and again to make sure you have your car keys in hand, let alone a well thought out, fully stocked diaper bag!

Trying to keep our diaper bags looking like a Pinterest special is impossible and not realistic; it’s madness. You are frantically rummaging through your tote 100 times throughout the day, especially when you have 2 crying babies who needed something 10 minutes ago.  I say this sarcastically because sometimes you feel like you are digging through Mary Poppins’ endless handbag of tricks only to pull out a lamp when in reality all you wanted was a diaper!

So, as you pack up and prepare to venture out and about with your twins, use this list of necessities to keep yourself fully stocked at all times.  

Word to the wise, try to keep yourself organized and refilled.  Our rule of thumb is to stock up each time we get home, before we begin any other household chores.  That way you don’t get into public and realize you are fresh out of the essentials.

The Essentials for Infant Twin Diaper Bags (straight from Meghan list of MUST HAVES)!

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Change of Clothes:whats in our twin diaper bags

This leads me to the next item: a change of clothes.  I keep a set of clothes in case of an emergency.  This is rare and I don’t have room for 2 sets of clothes.  IN the rare occasion that both babies have a blowout, well then, our outing is over and one shall be without clothes on the way home.  🙂


Pampers Swaddlers.  I always keep 6 with me at any time.  This way, if a kiddo has an unexpected blowout, I am always prepared.

Babyganics Butt cream:  

It’s a great natural, plant-based cream that won’t irritate babies’ sensitive skin.  


Have a small packet of wipes with you at all times.  Not only for changing diapers, but for any other cleaning needs that arise.

Hop Skip Wet/Dry Bag:  

I love having this wet/dry bag tucked away during our outings. This is a great stowaway for diaper blowouts and dirty clothes.  It also acts as a great space for wet bathing suits during the summer.  Just in case you forget the Hop Skip bag, toss a roll of doggy bags in a side pocket….they work great too when you find yourself in a bind!

Itzy Ritzy Reusable Bags:

The awesome baggies help organize the chaos of the diaper bag.  Use these washable bags for snacks, feminine products, pacifiers, etc.  I have 3 that I use daily!

Happy Baby Puffs:  

Having a non-perishable snack readily available for busy babies during errands is a must.  Use these to buy yourself an extra 10 minutes at Target before the kids meltdown and you find yourself walking away from a full cart.

A Mom Bag:  

This is where you can throw in any item YOU need for yourself instead of digging through your bag endlessly to find your wallet or keys hiding at the bottom.You can house chapstick, makeup, extra cash, etc. here! Itzy Ritzy Reusable bags are great little homes for all of your personal items.  

Mixie Bottles:  

Never leave home without these…EVER!  With infants, you have to feed every few hours.  You can prepare all you’d like with bottles (if you aren’t breastfeeding anymore) and still run into hiccups.  Even if you prepare all of your bottles ahead of time, you never know when you’ll get that flat tire and need an emergency set of bottles as a back up.

Indestructibles Books:  

These books are a fantastic way to have engaging entertainment on the go!  They are impossible to tear, don’t have any weird chemicals, are washable and have a variety of titles!  They are inexpensive and great for babies who like to put EVERYTHING in their mouths.

Adan and Anais Swaddle:  

Weird right?  Keep one of these handy for a few reasons: You can use it as a cover up to breastfeed, use as a blanket at the park, or throw it over your babies’ legs in the stroller if you forget the all important sunscreen.  It happens, we are all human after all.  

And when it’s time…

The Outing Bag Essentials for Your Potty Trained Twins (straight from Jenn’s bag):

After lugging around a bulky infant diaper bag for several years, I looked forward to the day that I could downsize and carry a “purse” (sense the sarcasm?) around for my twins that resembled my pre-mom days!

Well, I discovered that their needs changed after they were successfully potty trained, but downsizing wasn’t really an option.  Instead of using a traditionally organized diaper bag for babies who were still using diapers and bottles (which obviously includes a zillion pockets), I found myself a large open-tote and modified the contents a bit.

It doesn’t matter if you have two infants or two potty trained 3 year olds, kids have needs 24/7, even when you are out and about. That is precisely why this list will help you pack up and venture out with your potty trained twins.

Huggies Wipes Clutch ‘N Clean Carrying Case:

Kids are messy!  Let me say that again, kids are very, very messy.  I never leave the house without wipes. The best part of the Clutch ‘N Clean is that it adds a little flair and personality to your bag; it comes in many different design options and allows you to refill it over and over with your choice of wipes.

Sun Bum Sun Products:

Sun protection is something that should be taken seriously, which is why I stash Sun Bum Moisturizing SPF Lotion and the SPF 30 Face Stick in everything that I carry out of our house.  My car is also fully stocked with sunscreen, so I am never without sun protection for my precious angels.  We love that Sum Bum products are safe for the delicate skin of our babies because it is paraben, paba, gluten and oil free. It is 100% vegan and cruelty free as well.

Babyganics Hand Sanitizer:

Let’s face it, kids’ hands seem to find themselves in the germiest of places.  I always find that my kids are in need of a good hand washing when there isn’t a sink in site.  I don’t love using hand sanitizer as the sole method of hand washing, but there are times when you just need clean hands.  Again, we love these products because they are safe to use on your babies; Babyganics hand sanitizer is alcohol-free and plant based.  They are also free of triclosan, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, artificial fragrances or dyes.

Trucks and Small Toys :

Our diaper bags are always equipped with a cosmetic travel bag full of trucks and small toys.  I have learned my lesson the hard way and will never be caught without toys to keep my twins quietly entertained (sans electronics) in public!  For littler babies, bring toys that can be connect to links and be attached to strollers and high chairs!  Just know what your babies love, be it making tunnels from jelly packets to race cars through or bright noisy light-up toys!

Contigo Kids Auto-spout Water Bottles:

I can’t count the number of times I have dug my hand into my bag only to find a puddle of spilled milk or water.  These Contigo water bottles are AMAZING and have yet to leak. Best of all… my kids LOVE them!  They come in a 2 pack, perfectly designed for twins, in cute, coordinating colors!  Check out your local Costco.  They have sales and are usually 2 for 12 bucks!

Bumkins Reusable Bags:

These waterproof bags come in a snack size and a wet/dry bag size.  I always keep a wet/dry bag stocked with extra underwear and clothing in the rare case that we have an accident when we’re out and about.  The snack size bags are filled with non-perishable snacks and are taken along for snacking on the go (without finding a crumby mess at the bottom of your bag). You can also throw these in your washer for easy cleaning!

Boon Snug Straw:

My favorite twin mama, Meghan, got me hooked on these silicone lids and straws kits.  Most places we go have the plastic kids cups (with lids and straws), but they are flawed because they spill all over the place. The Boon Snug Straw allows you to turn any cup into a spill proof, kid proof cup!  There is also a sippy cup option as well.  No parent should go out and about without this AMAZING product!

First Aid Kit:

As a mama of two wild and rambunctious boys, I have learned never to leave home without a fully stocked first aid kit, complete with bandaids, Neosporin and Children’s Motrin/Tylenol/Benadryl.  I found a soft sided zipper case (much like this one, click here) that fits perfectly into my bag so when the inevitable playground accident happens, I am prepared!
As all things baby and child, times change and so to the contents of our totes.  Regardless, we have found that the one common component of our most successful outings is a fully stocked and organized diaper bags!

What’s in your twin diaper bag?  Did we forget some amazing must haves?  We want your input!  

Chat with us below in the comment section.

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  • Great post! We always keep diapers for the twins and then also for baby girl, wipes, an extra set of clothes for the twins and then little miss, sippys’s, snacks, bottle, formula (God forbid I forget to heat the breastmilk before I leave ha), and a tablet which is an absolute must when going to any boring place i.e. Doctors visits 😉

    • Hi Krista! Isn’t it amazing how many things we have to try and remember for our kiddos, and yet we ALWAYS seem to forget something no matter how organized we are. I usually have a phone or tablet with us as well, there are just some moments when it is a necessary distraction. Thanks for stopping by!

    • Oh yes Lenze! You can’t go anywhere without back-up clothing, especially with two!

    • Amen sister!!! An organized and fully stocked diaper bag will assure that never happens again! Thanks for stopping by!

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