You Can Two!

You Can Two: The Essential Twins Preparation Guide

is a roadmap for the months before and after your babies arrive. With a supportive voice, this book takes parents through a step by step approach to educate and empower new twin parents to feel confident and successful throughout your journey.

Hi! We're Jenn and Meghan!

After each welcoming our own set of twin boys into the world, we hit the ground running with raising multiples and started to keep track of what worked and what didn’t...then we thought…there are a lot of other moms out there that could benefit from this too!

We created a place where we provide content and guidance to help twin parents feel confident and enjoy the wild ride that is parenting multiples. As twin moms ourselves, we've been where you are and have learned a thing or two about this twin parenting gig. We are by no means perfect, we are just like you and are learning as we go. However, one thing is for sure, we are passionate about providing overwhelmed and exhausted parents with support that helps them thrive in their role as a parent of multiples.

You Will Learn To

You've Got This

The goal of this book isn't to tell you how to be a perfect parent, nor is this a survival guide. In these pages, we will brush away any nerves and negativity you may have about expecting twins by focusing on the topics that are most important for you to think about and tackle before they arrive.

Preparing as a Team

Whether you're preparing to parent as a couple or as a single parent, success lies in your ability to get everyone on the same page.

Gear and Other Essentials

The list of gear you think you need for twins can feel overwhelming. Luckily for you we're passing on our wisdom, and that from other twin families, to tell you that are actually very few things you will need TWO of!

Delivery and Days After

While there is no way to guarantee that childbirth will go exactly as planned, there is plenty that you can do to prepare for most circumstances.


Successfully feeding twin babies requires some education and support. Rest assured that the tools you need to create a plan that will work for you and your babies are inside these pages.


Interrupted and fragmented sleep is not only hard on you, the parents, but is challenging for your babies as well. This chapter will help you set realistic goals and teach you some simple strategies to make quality sleep achievable for your entire family.

Parenting as a Team

Parenting can challenge us to the core and can easily leave us feeling deflated. Your partner is your teammate, which is why we filled this chapter with actionable steps to take when your partnership isn't perfectly aligned.

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Currently pregnant for the first time with twins and I couldn’t be more excited and thankful for this book.