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1Congratulations!  We share your delight in welcoming two beautiful blessings into your hearts.  Welcome to a community of twin parents who understand — that being a parent of twins is a unique and challenging role, but a crazy, wonderful journey with double the love and double the joy.

It is no secret that twin parents are busy juggling two of everything – diaper changes, feedings, loads of laundry and dishes.  We know that you don’t have enough hours or hands to be scouring the internet for twin parenting resources. The mamas here at Two Came True are right there with you, going through the same challenges, day in and day out. We are here to be the ONE place where twin parents can get practical help to confidently solve the unique challenges that arise, allowing you experience joy in parenthood.

But we know you are pressed for time so may we suggest starting by:

  • Letting us take the reigns: 

    Head over and check out our personalized support services.  Choose the package that fits your needs and we’ll take it from there.  We can help you navigate all of the tricky things that arise when raising two babies at the same time….and the best part,  you never have to leave the comfort of your home!

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    We want to know more about you, and how we can help and encourage you along the way, by making sure that everything we write on this blog is helpful and useful – not to people in general, but to YOU, fellow twin parent.  Click HERE to send us an email and answer this question – What is the ONE CHALLENGE you are facing right now that is keeping you from feeling like a confident twin parent?

And when you happen to find a spare moment – because you miraculously have the laundry done, the house clean and both babies are sleeping AT THE SAME TIME – read these posts to get a bit of reality, a lot of encouragement, and all of the inspiration you need right now to feel like a confident parent of twins!

  • Feeling a bit overwhelmed and need a little encouragement?: 

To the Weary New Twin Parent….YOU ARE STRONG!

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Feeling a little nervous about traveling with twins?

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